corner house Section 14 , PJ

Many years ago , in iconic Section 14 , PJ ( where the Mother of all 1970s Medan Selera circular styled one used to be at the heart of things ) this sunken house was converted into a sunken shop. Times have moved fast and this famous Jaya Supermarket area then MetroJaya enclave has become unrecognisable from the days of happening old Jaya ( also then the Mother of all modern supermarkets in PJ ).

So what gives ?

the never say die 70 something Grumpy Old Man. Customers like to surround him to see how he chops em up at his age , his 2 boy & girl constantly bickering assistants trying to outdo each other...again

Best chee cheong fun stall in PJ ( only lose to the more famous oldies shop in
Petaling Steeet , KL)

This pure & white flat tender noodles in sauce goes for RM1.50. Tastes a little sticky but service is extra fast becoz the old man chops fast while the ultra skinny assistant talks even faster

Across to the far end is this famous USJ 2 , Subang curry mee import. Tho this one doesn't have the trademark moustachee horny look notwithstanding the franchised name

sourishly good with 1st class springy bee hoon ( aka sarawak laksa ) R4.80 but minus the KL much loved cockles version.

You can try them if you are around this SEA Park area PJ suburbs and too tired of that overhyped Paramount Gardens O & S hotshot some noodles away.


Anonymous said…
I love this version because of the MINUS COCKLES. I tak boleh tahan seeham lah... :P
Ciki said…
hey boys! this is the BEST chee cheong fun in PJ I agree! None of that Penang style CCF with hay ko- me no like. I like my CCF, Ipoh style with just chili sauce and a bit of tim cheong! good choice.. great minds think alike.. haha:D
ling239 said…
i remember this place got a very good porridge store, but dunno where they have shifted too...
guess i will go and try the curry noodle, looks delicious ^_^
Simon Seow said…
Now I know where to go for breakfast after work later.
this style has got not so tasty chicken meats tho

cumi ciki
infact there are some times we have seen some real connoisseurs take plain CCF with only green chilis not even sauce !

this must be your area RIGHT !

the CCF shop was even more famous last time when facing the main road