a boring 100 tables Chinese Dinner

says he'd rather have a burger n chips at that McShop

even though this formal 8 course Chinese Dinner costed RM30 a head in Kg Cina, Sitiawan

...once again proving that food is an individual thing...


Anonymous said…
Only RM30??? How is that even possible these days? Wow. Wow. Wow.
choi yen said…
I like the first dish of those Chinese Dinner~~
Michelle said…
30?? oh well... u can have burger n chips in tgif for more than 30..
worldwindows said…
The birds are singing, "Chirpy, chirp, chirp."
HairyBerry said…
the dinner seemed like an assembly liddat. well, if the money's put to good use, then it's ok lar.

I see McShop smiling already...hehe...
ling239 said…
some kinda of charity event ?
its still possible !

this is the one that get people into trouble when they couldn't finish the 4th dish thereafter !

that must be one-H of a burger !

wheres the mama gone

the Indian neighbor was drunk so he thought it was a great dinner !

yes, it was for the Senior people of this famous seafood town
Unknown said…
ah.. the longans with ice in a big bowl. i have not seen that for a long long time.

hmmm maybe tonite i go buy a can to relive the memories. haha..