BIG restaurant

in small town

Sekinchan is along the coastal road from Kuala Selangor to Teluk Intan and is flat and large enough to be the rice bowl of Selangor, even tho it is more known for its Chinese fishing villages.

Next time do not just pass by . Come early like 12 something pm and then before the Petronas petrol station turn left via the traffic lights towards the sea ( got no sandy beach so cannot swim one ).

Using your keen sense horned by many years of gluttonny turn right again before you accidentally hit head-on the smallish restaurant with many Pagoda branded singlet cladded Chinamen hanging round the plastic tables straight ahead of you at the junction.

Now you see the big restaurant or not ? Got 5 shops joined together one. Prices also cheaper than KL so dun worry so much.

Ok step right in . Then treat yourself to fine Chinese food and don't forget the beers coz the sea breeze and the haze is pretty hot & humid outside. Got also many pretty girls working nearby in the factories one. Their Boss always bring them here for lunch ( who knows for dinners too )

Restoran Guan Seng Loong
Sekinchan , Selangor
tel 03 - 3241 8494


J2Kfm said…
hey! that time I passed by this shop, was closed during lunch hour. ona friday.

ended up at Chai Lee.
Ciki said…
have not been to that part of town la.. is the food good? must look out 4it then!
HairyBerry said…
small town, big restaurant. sounds like a song to me. a few beers and the tune will come to mind.

i remember remembering this town from the recent election. hmmm....
choi yen said…
so what dishes u recommend?
Tummythoz said…
By the sea? Got many tanned hunks too?
Michelle said…
woohoo.. i been here before.
some far relative wedding lor..
my aunty stay nearby only.. they open that hotel or motel sekinchan.. can see by roadside 1.. ehehhehe
this shop we dropped by by when hunger pangs struck one of us. food taste is ordinary.

other than Big , we dun think its good

sekinchan is only noted for cheap seafood

we asked the captain your exact question who seemed not too sure

team bsg ( wherever they go )

one fine day we will come fishing here then visit motel, TQ