Best Meal of the day

for RM4 a person... not too far away

Ijok , the pekan ( small town ) half way between Sg Buloh & Kuala Selangor made famous by the death of a State Assemblyman in 2007 & the subsequent inflow of De RM100 million by-election bounty is all about what goes wrong ( or issit right) in post independence " MERDEKA ! " ( 31August 1957) Malaysia.

But first , lets eat.

The lunch scene in this small Chinaman Fan Tien 飯店 ( rice shop, powered by petite friendly Indonesian ladies " Saya dari Medan, Bang ") is so typical of its kind throughout Malaysia.

Quite busy from 12 to 2 pm when nearby factory workers , office staff , the surrounding residents "tapauing" ( takeaway) for the kids & the aged , and the occassional busy travellers cum food connoisseurs ( team bsg ).

Gives you fuel ( or feel ) , U know to continue Xploring further upstream.

Or if you dun like , try looking ( & then booking ) for the Gluttonny famously rich beggars chicken sold somewhere round the corners ( sorry we dunno where )


Anonymous said…
That's quite a slice of the new Malaysian life you have there! From by-elections to Indo ladies... LOL
J2Kfm said…
yup, 1st time passing by this area, Ijok, while on the way to KL from Teluk Intan.

thought Banting popular for beggar's chick?
worldwindows said…
I love the traveling part more than the food most times. Eg. I have eaten in Sungai Pelek, a quaint little town in Sepang and the food is good and it costs half that in KL!
Ciki said…
fuel is good ... for the exploring ! when tired, fuel up summore;)
Anonymous said…
What a name, IJOK;
could have added a E at the end...hahaha.
many times we love the great fast n friendly service from those gentle helpers from Indonesia

Jugra (near the sea some km away from Banting )is more famous for the book-a-day ahead dubious beggars chicken, but since then one cocky shop near the wilderness in Ijok has in its menu a similar product, but with servings measured to a table of 10 only take it or leave it ! Follow big sign if you r here tho many say " wats so great huh ? give me a fresh chick anytime lah"

world windows
indeed you are 75 % right ! Sg Pelek is a Fuzhou town associated with simple, good and cheap food. Places to Eat is the tail-end of Places to See according to our bsg tourism director !

haha we need feeeel tooo

you are not far from E(xplosion) , coz the C4 blown up Mongolian Girl was blown up just in the jungles nearby