what dragon , where phoenix

Traditional Chinese Cuisine is subtle, has great variety with many different cooking styles and may come as a single dish for the beggar ( who couldn't jump over the wall ) or as an obnoxious multi-course OOOmpah lala banquet fit for the Imperial King & his entire flock of bloated Concubines.

In fact even today most Chinese at leisure only talk about food & drinks.

We saw this big end lot with the imperial sign and was seized with a strong sense of the ancient gastronomic aura. Looking good and emperorly impressive, complete with replicas & images of mystical dragons, phoenix and ancient what nots within. It seemed so right oozing with sweet sour high royal flavors.

but alas... outside impressions can be deceptive...as the insides were ( save us !) near empty....so was it da un-mouthwatering almost no-taste food ? or was it the cutting edge price of RM 60 ( excluding rice n drinks ) for those 4 un-emperor's dishes?
Think about it the next time you are in Taiping, at the edge of town near the perfect Lake Gardens


J2Kfm said…
hmmm, got it. avoid the dragon and the phoenix at all cost?
pls find some nice taiping food and recommend them ok?
will be going to taiping again pretty soon! :)
thanks in advance?
Precious Pea said…
Wow..i tot food in Taiping should be cheap and tasty. Thanks! I shall avoid this place if i ever stopover in Taiping.
Michelle said…
hmm never judge the book by its cover?? oh well.. lesson learnt. =P
Ciki said…
how come ler.. looks damn shiok! to bad bout da food :O
HairyBerry said…
perhaps like crouching tiger, hidden dragon...or other swords, warriors and jackie chan stunts movie, the scene/dishes has been hollywood-modified...thank goodness for the nice lake scenery of china and taiping to keep us awake during the show...
ling239 said…
is that lemon chicken ?
Anonymous said…
Very the un-emperor leh... More like over-fried tiger, tasteless dragon? :P
tigerfish said…
Did I see over-fried tiger? *scared*:O

It says D. Phoenix....Doomed Phoenix? Aiya...it's all in the wet towels..hahhaha!
worldwindows said…
Having some 'dud' food is part of the game, except for food poisoning! Eating and finding good/bad food is a love hate (oxymoron) relationship!
Sharon Y. said…
Tofu bricks, drowned chicken... aahh!! All honour to you guys for trying out and warning us ;)
well u r lucky, Boolicious has just kindly offered to list the good eats in Taiping, it seems she has quite a few spots to tempt us. stay in touch, here in BSG or masak masak !

no the idea is really for all readers to try this place , then the others will feel fantastic ! right ?

but oh v think U R cute ( just by looking from gigabytes away )

cumi ciki
but we always have fun eating bad ( really )

well spoken comrade. da sparkling
little pink armour(ous) eunuch will drop by soon. Heavenly Boss has issued command for counter attack

sharp but no its orange chicken ( some say sunkisk)

kenny from KL
some dragons have no flames

wet ? it was not so as expected. just they din stick to your recipe 100 % why ?

that could be quite true for many new swanky cafes in city shopping malls with the "authentic" kampung dish but with runaway ex-granite blasting army camps Burmese kitchen helpers aka professional"wok with yan" qualified dropouts preparing original schezuan yong tau foo and preparing traditional home made hakka chee cheong fun

so are now up and coming with deepest hunger now, dear?