unique noodles in spicy orange gravy

breakfast in white chicken country

the Chinese coffeeshop ( kopitiam ) , in old town, Ipoh

the Xtra long inside with many stalls and many customers

the famous RM 1.30 Ipoh white coffee ( no doubt the name has something to do
with the famous chickens )

the colorful & tasty curry dish ( a bsg ranked 3.9 out of 5 ) which you cannot get from
an Indian ( nor Indian Muslim ) shop
the famous Malaysian curry mee version 7 , only RM 3.30


Anonymous said…
Nothing quite like authentic Ipoh white coffee... And those curry noodles look good too! :)
J2Kfm said…
huh? when you all came? my office so near, I must've visited this shop for a zillion times.
didn't try the "golden" char kuey teow? overhyped, nevertheless
Ciki said…
cannot wait for my next trip to ipoh! makan fest!
HairyBerry said…
then again, we cannot get something from a chinese kopitiam. maggie mee goreng. available at a mamak nearby...hehehe...

nice looking bowl of curry there! wah, got mint leaves somemore!
ohhhh my relatives operates the drinks!..their desserts r awesome too..
kenny (of KL)
the noodles are indeed fresh n good

we were in lawyers office nex door with friends on some probate matters. din try the CKT but looked quite popular.
NS means night stand

we will wait ( and wait )


awesome kopitiam with the authentic ambience, theres none Ipoh Old Town like
...de Ipoh old Town...
Unknown said…
wah. this is new.
mint leaves with curry noodles. it's like after eating, still got fresh breath!
ling239 said…
so very the orange oh....:P
surprisingly this little stall serves very nice fresh laksa with perfect see hums...

then so very the delicious too...
Anonymous said…
At first,I thought it's really cooked with orange :S