deja vu

Brinchang, the highest outpost in Cameron Highlands hasn't changed much through the years and retains many of its laid back countryside charms, and is still crowded with budget accomodation and restaurants/stalls.

Occassionaly you will come across pg 4 complaints on irresponsible hill cutting by some greedy developers & the dubious echo of global warming effects by the usual environmentalists.

Otherwise it is a pleasant enough place to hang around with a daily temperature of 28 degrees C by day ( & rising ) and maybe 20 by night ( far from its lowest 2 degrees C once upon a time many years ago ).

On top of admiring & ogling the Taiwanese look-alike pretty ladies in straw hats & blue denim jackets strapped around their kinky waists with hanging strawberries plus roses among other enthusiastic first timers here, another arty thing to do here is eating ( what else ? !).

In fact that is the subject of this short post ( hehe ).

While we have long accepted that the infamous Chinese boiling hot pot here is "nothing to dream about" , it is quite obligatory for new visitors to get steamed at least once one of the many trademark Chinese restaurants along the main road just beside KFC/Shell.

At RM20 a head here it isn't cheap at all but then again nobody seems to care ! People say a whiff or 2 of the air alone is worth more !

So come now before it is too late !


Anonymous said…
RM20 a head? Wah... I'm not sure I want to "get steamed" liddat leh... Lol.
HairyBerry said…

and where ar?
Ciki said…
the food here is damn expensive. Getting steamed whilst getting CUT THROAT!
J2Kfm said…
haha ... but somehow, having steaming hot steamboat at Cameron seems so right. probably the cool weather at night?
last yr we went and had our own steamboat dinner in the apartment, complete with equipments and such. how I miss the times ...
Precious Pea said…
After reading Imbi&Itchy's post on her Cameron trip, I already feeling the itch to go and now, you also blog on Cameron, oh dear, must go must go.

Ooo..steamboat at Cameron would be so perfect. Err...i think OK Tuck restaurant much cheaper lah!
Precious Pea said…
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it used to be 12, then 14 then 17 and now 20. next we predict 25 , before hitting 30

she came & left early sorry !

you are nearly right !

aha , the thrill of the cool breeze
up high. In fact the greatest asset of the highlands

we never think highly of the steamboats served in Brinchang , as being tasteless and so becoming expensive . ok tuck? the best thing to do will be to get a Gang up here then BBQ and steam in broad nightfall at 18 degrees ! then tomorrow 7 am go jogging to Gunung Brinchang. WOW !
tigerfish said…
Hotpot and hot chicks (are Taiwanese chicks really hot?) - this place got air-con or not?
Anonymous said…
I have never been to Cameron Highland. Sad.
Anonymous said…
one of our fave thing (like theres any other choice?) to do at cameron highland -> steamboat..but this place is definitely expensive
RM20 a head ? Abit expensive to me =S But is a good opportunity to eat steamboat during cold weather =)
sc said…
always good to have steam boat when weather's all, been donkey years since i went to cameron..
fatboybakes said…
you're absolutely right, there is soooo nothing to shout about, the steam boat. actually i find food in cameron highlands generally pretty pathetic ....must seek your advice next time before i go.
whole town and jungle also got air con !

nex time we bring you

nice air nice co ok food

thats right , this is definitely a good place to sweat it out in a cool place !

it hasn't changed much except the weather ( isn't that dangerous ?)

there are some famous cafes here like the t-cafe in tanah rata and then kg raja also got some "authentic" mountain food, but of course the strawnerries and greens and the air will be what we remember most, then the all-day golf course is fascinating
Anonymous said…
there's one charcoal steamboat in brinchang too. go check it out. its way delicious than this one =)
tks for the tip and see you again soon at bsg !