salt it in, babe

While we have the highest interest in modern state-of-the-art gadgets like for eg the latest dual core intel centrino/atomic chipped 8.9 inches netbooks we nevertheless don't share the same enthusiasm on the latest cutting-edge cookery gadgets .

We know for a fact that in the gastronomical world , tradition and oldy ambience is King. Actually the older the better (sorry ladies).

which is why oldy town Ipoh stands tall ( even tho its considered short )

but it doesn't hurt to use some modern Mc/PizzaHut styled packagings , like here

and the shining untraditional quite big metallic ovens like as tho
you are in a tyre retreading factory

bury 'em in .....salt of course has never changed for some million years

just turn the heat on and YES...another Ipoh winner oozes out , all 4 RM16 a bird
We had 10 yesterday

Can try them in GSC as you get lost with The Dark Knight
Ipoh salted chickens
Ang Kheng Lim ( since 1987 )
05-254 2998


J2Kfm said…
how do you smuggle them into GSC? hmmm ....

you guys had TEN?!!! shared among?
Anonymous said…
You must have had a really BIG bag if you managed to smuggle ten of these birds into the cinema! LOL
tigerfish said…
Salt spa for chicken! w00t !
worldwindows said…
Thank you for featuring this very famous food from my hometown. Love it!
ling239 said…
i tried this before... very yummy !!
Michelle said…
i'll drop by here everytime i pergi ipoh...

u had TEN!!! a whole lot of TEN entering your tummy or for others???

TEN? Sepuluh?
Ciki said…
how many people ate TEN?! what didja do with the bones... throw them at the back of the heads of the other cinema patrons.. ? hehe..
No we tapau 10 , gave away 3 + 2 , ate 1 , then gave away 3 more. Smuggled only one to be with TDK

kenny ( of KL)
if we had done that even the dark knight couldn't save us !

thats right , its a open spa

world windows
one said its nice becoz salty , one says becoz kampung chicken, we think its just Ipoh chicken...

did you know there are a few more brands ? the one in Bercham ppl say better

for others lah !
maybe nex time for dream lady fr Klang

we ate da bones too, kinda solid n crunchy
Sharon Y. said…
Haha I'm glad u guys were not having 10 chickens in 1 seating. Would've eaten enough salt to last for 10 years ;D I miss Ipoh food!
Shell (貝殼) said…
oh~~hungry now =.='
i miss ipoh salted chickens
Shell (貝殼) said…
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one fella ta paud for his kid 3 of this thing to eat for a week, believing it to be better then 100 plus

tks for visiting bsg, and yes we do like Ipoh food. cheap and good
Simon Seow said…
Will surely buy a bird when I go up there on November.
Unknown said…
ooo. those chicken looks delicious!

err, smuggle into GSC, won't people get distracted by the smell of the food? they will all want to grab your food and eat!
Anonymous said…
Haahaha... terkejut me.
good stuff..haha nvr thought of chicken as a cinema snack
k.t.x said…
yo genteel men and genteel ladies, this one...u will never go wrong with this one for sure, most things ipoh or perak hovers around the international gastronomy standard ...hehe.