going nuts

off roads .

Of late we lost our famed appetites and almost gave up on food. No doubt stressed severely with depressing tales about the surge in the rate of food prices even backstreets and the pathetic state of our local fumbling economy , and becoming again an international laughing stock once more.

You know over the kanot-tahan over-indulgence in soto mee ( a kind of popular Malay wet noodle dish usually available from behind the main road for RM3 a shot , see pix) and so on .

Lucikly we went cross country and took an easy walk

yes , even over hard rocks , got this certain therapeutic effect , see.

we love this pretty parasite. gives you a great sense of calm

tho these can be scary , like a scene from Batman Tomorrow

we came to see this "huge" golden nut

tiny if compared to Big Brother coco-nut but nevertheless

the real authentic savior of Malaysia , the oil palm
( or we as a nation would have been dead /buried since the Crash of 1998 )


J2Kfm said…
yup, the increasing prices of food somehow have its negative impact in my choice of food.
Ciki said…
crossed hard rocks.. pass pretty parasites.. traverse evil claws (from batman)... just to touch the golden NUT. Must have been one helluva nut.. haha :P cool shots of the great outdoors.. nicely done boys :D
HairyBerry said…
it's always about the roots..the darn roots. and it's only when the ripe fruits/nuts fall onto our head when the wind blows that we look above. sigh....thank goodness for the fruits and nuts.
Anonymous said…
You guys are really hardcore food adventurers lah... Off road some more. *respect!*
Michelle said…
ur biji, akar, daun... semua pun keluar dah...
yup real hardcore... food seekers!!!
holla to you guys!!!!!!!!!~

just drop in to bug u guys.. hehe
ling239 said…
the pic ~ a scene from Batman Tomorrow... wat is it actually ?
children's politics is ruining our country as it is

cumi ciki
we sure miss the Queen of the skies and the great outdoors tho

one fine day we will inject some dirty politics onto our wonderful gastronomic Malaysian wonders just to prove a point or 2 , maybe

kenny , KL
we need da balance to swing our tummies

we will welcome you with open arms rain sun wet shine drought typhoons even with 2moro GIL ( grandma in law)in full stare

those are Mrs Penguins dreadful claws aka unfertilised palm shoots
( they can't be eated )
Unknown said…
price increase not only in Msia. here where we are also like that.

either price go up, or the portions shrink, or the food taste bad with missing ingredients. sigh..

that parasite reminds me of sambal paku! LOL

batman tomorrow? it looks like crab claws. LOL

golden nut, carotino oil! rich in vitamin e!
one fine day we shud have a nut feast in the woods beside the highlands !