fat n simple

It has been proclaimed by some that culture ( of a people) is measured by the width n depth of its cooking ( food/dishes). Of course Mr Bill Gates of Xtra cultured US of A would beg to differ, for to him best for lunch and dinner is just one good olde Mcburger, which is plain simple by any standard.

Disagree , says the Chinaman.

We think this iced cold offering pierced to perfection in sharp sticks steamed in hot pots with triple ( sweet sour hot ) sauces is just marvellous , cultured or not.

See or not da gushing steam ?

Anything goes , as long as it comes out piping hot and spiced even hotter , all instantly with lips burnt. From a few Ringgits up a wooden spear.

Fatman Steamboat ( as in famous steamboat )
( "lok lok", origin Penang )
its everywhere, from Imbi Plaza, KL
to that backstreet PJ to
USJ Subang
to Malacca
to Sitiawan
and soon... to a place near you

warning: once you start on this gastronomic adventure you may not be able to stop ( in time)


Ciki said…
can't wait till the fat MAN sings..
Anonymous said…
And in some cultures, fried guineapigs is the way to go. :-D

But gotta love lok2!
Michelle said…
poke poke poke poke poke..
all poking food...
nicee.. me liking it..
love the balls.. sotong balls to be exact. yum yum...
Unknown said…
ok. i take your word for it.

"and soon.. to a place near you."

when when when? haha...
Precious Pea said…
See Ham...oh where ar thou my dear See Ham....
ling239 said…
hmm... it has been awhile since i had lok lok XD
cumi ciki
can he really ? that would be awesome then our fater encores will reward us with free sausages and balls

thats true in Indo -China. Clones are sprouting up like lighting we saw a "sizzling" steamboat the other day

we love the taiwan Sausages in particular,outside D'sara Utama pubs , away from the China dolls in Club 27

yr version shud be the Essential Big Portions , as always

you forgot , they R bloody deadly those

we enjoy looking at those SOT gobbling them all in and more Bangsar Telawi Sundays.
Blood stained lips and all, also stooping low necklines like braless like that
(SOT - sweet old things )
Wennn said…
Oh my ... this is always my fav... The one tat I kenot miss out when I go bek to M'sia... I am sure to visit fei chai...which reminds me is time to go bek oredi...