the 8.9 inches long nasi lemak

Why not 6 " ( becoz thats too short , goodness ). And why ah cannot 12 inches ? eh , that is 2 long lah ( omg ).

And so we give Top Marks ( aka "we must have rice" ) to the International Chicken King for once again...

...doing the undoable.

he's smiling still ( he never stop doing that)

all da foldable length of it , lying down

chomped and bited

mildly flavored rice with somethings inside a willowy folded wrap and the
oily orangee hot stuff & traces of tiny fish + many rectangular cucumber slices

also called Nasi Lemak Wrap RM6.70 plus drink
courtesy KFC Malaysia

5/5 for effort
4/5 for comfort and style
5/5 for convenience
2,5/5 for pricing
2/5 for taste
0/5 for ambience ( where ah got kampung feel ? )


k.t.x said…
wtf!!!!!!! urrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhh! is there any slimy mayo-naise to go with it? or whipped-cream-sambal-extravaganzaaah....eeeeeee, yucks!
Precious Pea said…
I saw the advertisement in the paper yesterday and wonder who on earth came out with such idea. But you are creative but yet, i cannot digest such fusion food.
lucia said…
i agree with precious pea. can't digest such fusion food. seem funny to eat nasi lemak this way.
Michelle said…
it looks kinda disgusting rite..
rice in wrapped long thingy with sambal n... shucks..
blerughhhhhhh gross..
worldwindows said…
It's the younger set they are after. Not the goldies. Fancy golden sausage wrapped with roti pratha at Old Town Coffee Shop. Last night my teenage son whack one and seems to enjoy it. Not for me is the refrain of the oldies!
ling239 said…
the food always look better in the ad....>.<"
J2Kfm said…
I never read about this, I've I havent been to KFC for some time. somehow, I dig McD more, but thats just me. =P

nasi lemak wrap?! wow ... the foreigners would think it's a novelty!
its good to know you are up and pumping ! That was one NL we eat blinded so we dunno whats inside

the problem was there was too much sambal and the rice dropped in between our legs most times. One more thing , it was quite hard to put into our small mouths coz it was sized outside normal-sized not-singer lips

also it tasted like wrap with the C

agreed , we shall never belanja you this

old tastes are best as was proven again in Ratatoille . But this nasi lemak wrap in its present form is destined to fail, miserably in our seasoned opinion

it does not look like NL. doesn't taste like NL and of course is not NL !
its bad and is a felony against World Class ( err ) Malaysin Cuisine
tigerfish said…
hhahahaha...nasi lemak in wrap! Did they ask "need to toast or not? LOL!
sc said…
oh, i didnt realised that KFC had nasi lemak wrap! but sounds yucky, dont think i'll try..hahaha. thanks for being the guinea pig :p
choi yen said…
I read the ad in papers, I laugh like crazy~~ coz of the idiot idea come out this type of food~~
Tummythoz said…
OMG what will they think of next! (Obviously I've not been reading d papers) =P.
they oredi toasted it to black brown spots !

we din like the excessive sambals then sweet also its not easy to hold the bend here and there wrap. then tasted like wrap not NL

you are right , this will certainly fail. tks for dropping in !

dun worry, before you know it it shud be gone
Babe_KL said…
LOL i've anticipated the rice will drop everywhere!!! how on earth they can serve such things inside a wrap??? KFC shld stick to selling just fried chicken!