time out

When you fuse too many ...2 much

Yes , why do ppl have to order coloured drinks in eating shops ?
RM2.50 , the healthy carrot juice
(1 of 1 ! Bull's eye )

Island Vege RM5
( 2.5 of 5 )

Grilled salmon RM 20 , some dashes of hard-to-find soya sauce sorely needed , overcooked greens
( regretably 1 of 5 )

Udon seafood tomyam RM 8.50 . Oversour underflavoured
( unThaily 3 of 10 )

Beef rice RM6 . Tasty but tough meat
( aiya never mind lah , 4.4 of 8 )

"watan" kuey teow RM6.
( huh ? , ok 4 of 8 )

authentic critical comments from
the Philipines and Sarawak

why not ? if you really need some
Precious Time
51, Jalan Medan Ipoh
Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh
tel 012 - 528 4117


J2Kfm said…
haha, yeah, I think they purposely fry the carrots to dry them up, masquerading as decorations, not meant for eating.
the food quality here is pretty bad, we only go for some drinks.
yunyun ^^ said…
i did went there always with my friends last time. as in your review, the food there are not really tasty and also the drinks. i think the fruit juices are not enough taste...
Michelle said…
WOW. u caught me offguard.. i thought i entered the wrong website..

nice new template huh?
erm not so nice food though.

Precious Pea said…
Wah..new look! Nice!

Seems like this place scored quite badly wor.
strange tho the Indian looking waiter did ask for our feedback on food quality and thats how we gave him our ratings ! the 2 filipina ladies were disappointed while the aspiring professional Sarawak cook with the beef rice shooked her little head

yun yun
Welcome to bsg ! that right, this place has poor quality. the salmon wasn't fresh

Oh you noticed ! we r xperimenting with own domain name which cost a cool US10 a year ! this shop in Ipoh is big and weak, sorry

lucky your big team din come here or surely something will break !
Anonymous said…
Well, at least they were professional in their presentation and they did ask for feedback. Let's hope your feedback helps them improve. :)
HairyBerry said…
i wonder why the denominator changes with almost every dish...hmm, perhaps, when you fuse too many ...it is indeed 2 much.. ;)
ling239 said…
the watan koay teow looks very sad ah.... >.<"
definitely know not to come here when i go ipoh lor
the place is near popular Jaya Jusco area and there seem to be some couples here. Nice quiet place

variations to reflect the different immaculate stds each of the connoisseurs weigh to taste , presentations , ambience etc taking into account their moods , appetites, lunar cycles etc
( ahem )

it wasn't too bullish being about 9.30 at night and sun already setted, and so become like that

have no fear, coz people ambience we rank higher than food ratings, and Ipoh does have lovely people
behind there...
Simon Seow said…
Maybe you should try Breeze Cafe. My friend runs it. Here is the website. Say you know Simon Seow, maybe can get discount. LOL.
Michelle said…
big n weak? no need to sorry ler..
so when are we spending some "precious time" together?

as said the shop.

=) geddit??
Jason said…
Phew, you saved me from visiting this place. :P
worldwindows said…
Uncharacteristic of Ipoh food. Best to get back to basics.
Anonymous said…
sigh another fusion wanabes
tks we shall remember yr friend nex time we are there !

we got it dear !

maybe its nice to just chat here with yr gf? with no nosy crowd ?

true , such embarrassment to
si fu Ipoh !

haha sorry bout this precious place...
k.t.x said…
uhhh, no joke! really cool 'nude' outlook!!! nice laid-out!!! u guys really creatif! alot of styles!

hi 5! hic!
yunyun ^^ said…
forgive me for being stupidness ya, actually i am new to the blogging and well,what is bsg ya? xD

i am actually an interns who will be writing and reseachin for a local travel guide book. hope you may provide me any nice recommendations and images? ^^

feel free to add me in
msn: yayun872000@yahoo.com
thank you !

yun yun
bsg is short for back street gluttons.
yes , we shall be happy to assist you in your project , just let us know your specific needs and we'll see if we can help ! email us anytime at

tigerfish said…
I almost lost my way in backstreet with some of your "urban planning"
Who says change is no good ? :p
A plate of wat dan keuy teow pls...