style , service

and substance
big, probably 5 shoplots combined

tender , soft and unmentionably juicy this braised thing RM 28
with the white plate weighing 1 ton for added stability ( in case it moves )

baby long beans or is it french beans , an unmatched signature Chinese stir fry classic RM 8

sweet and sour fish slices ( look ! no bones ) . Its sweet ! RM 18

Imperial splendour

3 waitresses to a table . Unbelievable JIT ( just in time ) service , highly recommended

Ipoh , near Jaya Jusco


J2Kfm said…
Eh, didn't realize its Kok Thai til the last pic. got such porky indulgence meh? this restaurant is so near to my hz, been attending wedding/CNY reunion dinners so many times here ...
Michelle said…
5 shoplots? kinda long rite? lol
3 waitress to 1 table? no wonder u'r happy.. lol
HairyBerry said…
it it very assuring when the name is cathay. like the flight of speed and gorgeous cantonese speaking stewardess and yes, a red colour uniform...

so, does this come with the two latters??? never mentioned. perhaps you have been drawn by the speed of light over the mountainous atmospheric pressure of the ipoh mountains. no wonder the sprouts are exploding.
Anonymous said…
wow the braised pork knuckles had me gawking for a good 2 minutes. Must visit next time I'm in Ipoh.
k.t.x said…
basically whereever one steps into in ipoh, he wont go wrong. i bet the waitresses r better looking than those from other states....ahem. kidding kiddingggg....hehe.
Unknown said…
This is Desmond from Malaysia Most Wanted Food, we contacted through blog's comment quite sometime again.

I need to get in touch with you to finalise the detail regarding your participation. Do contact me at info(at)malaysiamostwanted[dot]com
The sweet and sour fish slices is abit expensive.RM18? >< Or izzit a big plate?
wow great ! nex time we shud just give you a buzz and say V R here !
we are impressed by the services of the
1 lady captain ( she recommended that dish )
2 a waitress who replaced our dropped chopsticks within 45 secs
3 another waitress who constantly reviews our order to see all food in order
marvellous place and food

actually now that we are sober 6 shops in a row !
3 girls one very fair , pretty and really quick

just wait till you are here ! The girls will love us ( simply )

Ipoh is the mecca of fine Canto Cuisine ( & nirvana of men's health ), as citigal will tell the men so

You are afterall de Expat and we believe you

tks, we have dropped a comment on your blog

actually you are right too as there were only a few slices. But we din ask for the type of fish which may have a serious bearing on the price ! Bear in mind a certain group in Goh Tong Jaya, Genting was hit RM400 for a certain type of regular sized fish which looked normal...
Anonymous said…
3 waitresses to a table??? Wah, why can't we have that here in KL? :P
ling239 said…
3 waitresses to a table ...

and u are sure that they are not over attentive ? XD
sometimes one gets lucky

we wished they were :)))