some cool Hong Kong flavours/images

The finest Chinese cuisine in the world... The darkest roast goose meat.

team bsg ( HK )

and the other finest Chinese


ling239 said…
hahahaaaaa... :p

where is the darkest roast goose meat?
Anonymous said…
Finest Chinese indeed. ;)
r u sure just goose meat and the other one only?? no other finer chinese things?
HairyBerry said…
dark on the outside, red on the inside, it's staggering. and that familiar, arousing scent. what's more with a confident cantonese slang saying, "you want? you want? eat it! eat it all you can!" only happens in hong kong. the "finer pearl" of the orient.
just beside his right hand

ya shes pretty fine

got, while we have the entire file on HK popular food, the $$$$ is the finest

there is certainly lots to do and eat here so much so shes staying put