round & long

A man's meat can be a woman's poison , so it has been said. Some rave about it , some rant. No matter... its certainly worth a closer look .

Its strategically positioned, at just the right angle whichever way she may want to look at it

side profile

some are dark , others darker still

Of course she can always turn it on , up. It all depends.

lip gushingly wonderful no less with the right combination of the warm n slippery fluids

Ask her...she should know quite a bite

Lobak ( meat and meats , Penang origin)
at a hawker square near you


lucia said…
hmm... very suggestive description. it gotta take one with a mind as clear as the waterfall water not to see it. :)

btw, hope you and your readers would please support us in benar by signing the memorandum for free information.
Michelle said…
oh well.. this post is sooo "orgasmic".. =)

ur fourth pix somehow just reminds me of mickey mouse in a glance.
HairyBerry said…
seldom do we see women enjoying the meat, especially if the lobak is wrinkled. donuts are their fave. it'll take real up good taste and texture to keep 'em lobak a favourite.

they say penang's the best. but why?
Ciki said…
hahaha.. didja just do a bobbit and chop it up? didja??! :P
Tummythoz said…
Err lobak rebranding?
Anonymous said…
Lobak? Or donuts? Who cares? Semua sapu aje ler... Lol.
does have some resemblance haha
yes, we will try to publisise this cause

you are sharp (AS ALWAYS !) and oh we din know that its Mickey, goodness !

women and donuts could be true, but Pg is good becoz they are, aren't they ?

Gawd NO ! we couldn't , it will hurt real bad...and we are not talking about the pain

actually reorgasm of the lost cause

my , thats a really dangerous statement
k.t.x said…
lol. hey. i am straight....thru and thru and thru. ahem
ling239 said…
lesson learnt:
never order...
TWO fish balls with one sausage
TWO century eggs with one sausage
wmw said…
Talk about playing with your food! LOL!
we too ! isn't it just nice to know the various gratification possibilities !

haha but if with us you should, all da time !

yeah, but we want more , and much more !
Anonymous said…
yummy..... i will try all these... and i'll in Malaysia... early july :)