the peoples' choice

Eating out is easy if you are alone or its just between you & me. Some say eating alone is lonely . Some say less men more share. Some eat while thinking while some think while eating. And some really talk...and talk.

But thats funny, if you are small in stature , you can always squeeze into a Big Q area like this. They are everywhere and particularly in the backlanes or sidelanes and some strange corners too. But the food ! So many choices , so fresh... so tasty. So filling. No wonder it is the no 1 destination for the hungry lunch crowds across the country.

A bsg favourite for 2 . All of the above including 2 sugared drinks , a 12 inches long deep fried "duri" fish, a solid fried chicken breast , salted eggs and the freshest greens for about RM12 ( prices directly proportional to the *length of the fish ) or so.
Then DIY flavored with the greatest curries and sambals South of Thailand.

Catch them in a warung nearest to you north of Singapore !

...and yes , its really nice when that nice sweet young cashier ( or Boss's daughter ah ) gives you such a really nice genuine slanted smile which says C U again...soon. Of course ! thats a promise

* subject to final confirmation, differs from backstreet 2 backstreet


k.t.x said…
these sorta straight forward and genuine malay cuisine is getting harder to find each day...yummy. i knew u had the sweet young thing for dessert...heheeh...emmm, yummy....too! lol.
Anonymous said…
That last pic is simply beautiful... the colours just popping out! Time for simple fare like this again. :)
Ciki said…
the fried fish looks super crispy...! the food looks super hot! yum!
ling239 said…
where is the chicken ?
the fried fish looks really crispy ~
HairyBerry said…
it's where tambah nasi and the melimpah-limpah kuah with pieces of meat (if one is lucky)are not charged RM0.50 or more, unlike the chap fan stalls.

sharing is caring mah....
she was Engrand speaking and so was within striking distance

we simply love nude bodies rather than those heavily jewelled earrings type fully clothed in million $$$ leopard suits

you bet !

chicken at the back beside the green. that thing is so crispy until it almost came papadam sonic

indeed. which is why we laugh together one
ling239 said…
tat is cool ~ hahahaaaa....