peanuts to the rescue

The non-beef first lady recommended Korean in Korea Centre opposite Ampang Point, KL, for the other luscious meat she craved for no end. A place we thought was as far away as Seoul. Arriving by turbo at eight something pm we zoomed through the tight new Asian Renaissance , only to realise that the other genteel lady from Medan couldn't go with the much craved. And so at a late 9 something pm we got hastily reacquainted with the Rhinestone Cowboy, just down the road , avoiding a near certain cross cultural tragic faux pas of a virgin encounter

Its good to know he's around when you needed him ! A wonderful place to dine when all else fails, extra big rough jagged butter knife also never mind !

Salmon fillet starts from RM35 up while the Big Nuts are complimentary and you can rubbish the shells on the rough floor for all you want

the buns are freshly bready aromatic with nice textures and perfect with the butter. Do ask for more !

exceptional doorman service from the old cowboy
Roadhouse Grill
No.279 Jalan Ampang,
Kuala Lumpur.

all pixs taken with nikon S600
set to :
-ISO 800
-white balance preset manual
-no flash
unfortunately 2 more steak pixs were rejected for uncontrollable hand shake
...aka finger/thumb vibrations ...sigh

team bsg, USJ Subang


worldwindows said…
I remember Roadhouse and the peanuts. Too far to go. Took an Aussie couple there 9 years ago! But I don't remember anything memorable about the this grill except the peanuts.

BTW Nikon S600 with the ISO up to 3200 is cool. Never tried these with digital camera. I have use film up to 400. Help to increase my options esp. in low light and when I do not want the flash. The other way is to open up the aperture or slow down the shuttle speed. However, I would need a tripod.

ISO400 film generally don't produce good photos. I am not sure about the digital camera. Hope to try it soon.
this goes way back in the run dwn shack isnt?? price doesnt look too cheap..i rather sizzle and mingle with roast fattening pork and beef..
ling239 said…
aik!! this place is around one meh ?
hmm... i tot they were long gone d ~
love the bake sweet potato they served ^_^
HairyBerry said…
dat rhinestone cowboy with lotsa nuts and buns...that will keep the ladies happy. i've yet rode on this one at jalan ampang before...perhaps it's time to check it out...
this place serves only average stuff but has a big car park, which is a plus point. some of their other outlets have shifted or closed. the S600 seems to have a wide imaging range and we are still experimenting ! but its great to "secretly" take pixs without scaring people using flash free

y r right, foods not great but place has a cowboy feel in spurts

we only love their buns not even the peanuts !

shud be a great ride here for cowboys like you and us
ling239 said…
no comments abt the peanuts, but do try the bake sweet potato ^_^