noodles in red

It is a ginger chicken liquid brew to replenish lost heat ( ) . An extension of one month's hard labour ( making it a motherly 10 in a row ). Something red & strong to keep her company while she avoids contact with clear water ( ) and the wind. Luckily it tasted highly warm and wonderful .

Fuzhou red wine mee suah , d Mother of Chinese noodles
a life giving ( putting it back what went out for perfect harmony 調和 ) RM6

Although a traditional post-childbirth remedy and home cooked recuperative essence ( for the Fuzhou community ) some, like this shop ( probably the only one in KL ) has been selling this commercially rare exotika for many years.

It tastes slightly sweet and gingerly biting. Many love it , some won't even look at it ( Thai horror movie flashbacks !) Hyper-spirited ones who dun think it tastes as blady strong as it looks , just ask for another jug errr bottle for the top ups ( >7.8 % proof ) ! The famed Fuzhou fish balls ( meat-embedded export quality ) and some other biscuits are also available here if you want something less glaring & round.

For the full course try Fuzhou sister cities Sibu ( Sarawak ) , Yong Peng ( Johore ) and Sitiawan ( Perak ) . Meanwhile get acquainted with......

a taste of Foochow
( previously Hup Yick )
14, Jalan Gajah
(off Jln Yew) Jln Pudu
Kuala Lumpur


worldwindows said…
Maybe not the red stuff but Fuzhou fish balls anytime!
Ciki said…
we know ths plc , we'v been here! and we love the BALLS as well :)
J2Kfm said…
RM6 for that big bowl plus all the chicken? wow ... cheap la ...
ling239 said…
Fuzhou fish balls !! i love them.... ^_^
HairyBerry said…
a shade of red like no other. not curry orangey red or masak merah red. a little culture shock for me but a taste that i think i love to try and remember. got kl this dish ar?
Anonymous said…
The color of the red wine looks pretty good. How's the taste,...better than the one in Sitiawan ?
Anonymous said…
Good gosh, it gave me a fright at first! So merah lah... But bed it tastes gooooodddd... *drools*
angie said…
what's an amazing Fuzhou red wine chicken mee suah, as a foochow like me should be proud of our grand grandparents from China, can discover this kind of delightful dish until it now, as I know red wine wasn't easy task to really needs a lot of time and effort, then we just can have these result, so guys if you haven't try it before, you should give it a try...see how was the taste...
Michelle said…
okkk.. i din know red wine mee suah means the everything is red?? hahah nvr seen in kl 1?

like a big splash of monthly executive lunch set.. hahahahhaha
lucia said…
hmm... noodles in red. using wine. never came across it (nor seen it even in pictures!). i do like wine taste but i don't like sweet! not sure if i'll be able to like the dish.
world windows
the fish balls are famous alright, tho pretty simple

cumi ciki
haha you da girl !

we were thinking about the cheap(good) wine actually !

hip hip hurray another ball fan !

got kl only maybe one place. but sitiawan many shops

this one has reddest color tho the Beiking one sitiawan has more classic taste but the best shud be in Riana

its the ultimate stunner in Ayer Tawar/sitiawan Perak

welcome to backstreetgluttons, where no backlane food escapes ! Great to know you are a fuzhou with excellent tastes and yes , at least one of us is Fuzhou too

in Klang Bkt Tinggi P1 ( "Taste Haven" ) also got this dish,try it dearest

no problem request more bitter wine version can get you quite high up danger !
Simon Seow said…
New template. Cool. A little bit more organize.
don't thinl i'll eat it--looks blady alright.
tks, we recently discovered this new template

haha dun worry it tasts fine !