a touch of nostalgia

Just beside romantic Perak River is an old town.

As you sip your cuppa Ipoh white coffee in the Hainanese coffeeshop, its quite all right to reminisce about the especially short & noisy Japs whizzing by in broken Jeeps on the way to quell yet another communist skirmish near beautiful Kampar.

Yeah, about that "she should not have been there that night...then everything would have been....eerrrr...u know...", that kind of thing.

you know ah...last time when we were younger...
mandatory traveller's pose along the river bank ( for city g/f to see )
tai lok meen ( big noodles ) , or Hailam Mee RM3
saucy and chicken meated for a hearty flavor
a simple & popular Malaysian fried noodles served hot

mun fan ("mixed vege rice" )RM3.50 , popular with everyday workers as a complete filling meal. A quick stir fry saucy brew poured over steamed rice , with whatever leftover meats and greens ( we think ) the chef has on hand. A classic budget gourmet Chinaman concoction. Superb tastes. Exact color tone may vary from state to state.

* Yi Fatt ( town centre )
( admission is free )
Parit ( off Bota Kanan )
*a bsg Malaysian gastonomic heritage site


NyonyaChef said…
Uh !? team bsg got new girl on the pic. Hey dont cover the face,..(I meant)the girl only
Ciki said…
love the black n white.. very nostalgic.. i love perak too.. oh yes i do :)
J2Kfm said…
Parit has good food? Oh dear, and we passed this town everytime. OK, another one on my list then. thanks. You guys rock!
Michelle said…
oo... u should come to klang then..
there's this one nice pure hainanese restaurant in bukit tinggi. notbad.

me hainan who duno how to speak hainanese... how?? so malu =(
wmw said…
Wah, yalah...the first pic like "antique". Hahaha...so nostalgic!
HairyBerry said…
intruders come and go but certain things remain the same. the only thing changed is the topic over that aromatic cuppa coffee.

that's nostalgic.
welcome to ladies in black n white !
where's your kerabu chili beehoon ?

cumi ciki
last time Ipoh no 1 in culinary and other delights ! probably still is

wait for deep parit fishes...

tks dear, hainanese lady who doesn't hainan is our cup of coffee !

indeed those 2 men were talking about her, the rose one

how true indeed, which is why old town kopitiam is flying
ling239 said…
no kopi ? where can.....
Unknown said…
ey, i miss this leh. i grew up eating in kopitiam like this!