"hug me"

This pretty noodle with the smooth prawns has been around a long time in this far end of Jalan Pudu (Kuala Lumpur ), just left of the roundabout ( leading into Jln Yew ) below a humongous flyover which goes left towards Jln Tun Razak ( previously Circular Road previously Jln Pekeliling ...now thats quite old ).

Also here among the row of shop houses on both sides of the divide are many old timers which give credence to the place as a heritage Chinaman gastronomical zone par authentic...& give this messy place a sentimental rugged backStreet feel.
This is where you will find the famous dish, characteristically slippery and wormlike crawly that somehow attracts many ladies ( ?) like these.

It is slightly different from the Penang version (with regular sized noodles + chicken feet ) though both are brownish starchy ...and mild ( minus the vinegar ) by Malaysian standards .

Variously described as being so so only & not particularly outstanding among Chinese noodles and generally forgettable once you have tried it. Definitely there will be no hangover cravings for the next 1.8 to 2.8 years unlike some signature Chinaman noodle wok & fire fries where the opulent aroma lingers on for more than 8 hours and you will probably be back one Friday later with her ( or him ).

The may king RM 5 Lum Mee ( "hug me" -mixed colloquial brew of Anglo-Chinese Hokkian ) , arguably the best of its kind in KL


Heard so much about this store.
By the way, cute dog on the page
Ciki said…
hug mee! 1st time iv heard it called that.. farnee.. not one of my fav dishes bcoz it's so soggy and has just ONE taste as opposed to individual ingredients kind of taste. But if this place is good, maybe i will swing by. May change my mind .. :) Is the chili good?
ling239 said…
erm... they also serve pork balls right ? or i got them mix up ? @_@
HairyBerry said…
a "beautiful view" along a not so beautiful busy street...i was always curious about what's cooking inside when i'm stuck in the jam on my way to puduraya from sg...now i know. and now, i can say, "abang, kasi saya turun sini, boleh ar?"....
tks and welcome to bsg ! the dog belongs to that Ipoh Guy !

chili is average too. The place looks/feels very businesslike unlike backstreets...

they serve many balls , think shud be pork and many other things too

plse plse we shall be waiting...