here comes the big boss ( ah-haaa h)

Way before the impossible fuel hike a couple of weeks ago some petrol stations somewhere were already long tatters , dead.

Just perfect then for a gallant heroic fightback in these days of now or never.

You wouldn't think there's anything so double tension-ly scary , looking at the sombre crowd of 3 or 4 half empty tables inside this elevated platform of a floor within an X petrol station ( at least it looks like it ) , facing the main road in Tg Karang ( after K. Selangor )

But it is quite a quick performance from the under 16 waitress tho the chinky sammy choong Big Boss fearless drunken master's swaggering and hissing cannot be heard.

Interestingly the sharp flowery plate contained something buldging-ly different from the plethora of run-of-the-mill "biasa" ( normal ) noodle fares all over town.

This wannabe ( A for effort ) Pensilat martial artiste has strikingly crafted the fried egg to scissor-lock the runaway mee and encircled them with long beans, carrots, baby corn shoots, cauliflowers, onions, chili padis and blocks of chicken meats + crowned it with 4 kingsly prawns.... keep them invisible & out of harm's ( the last Empress < Rosmah ah ? >) way.

RM5.00, dishy Mee Kung Fu


tigerfish said…
Kung Fu Panda or Mee Kung Fu ? :P
Anonymous said…
Hahaha... ditto what tigerfish said. More like Mee Kung Fu! :D
Rasa Malaysia said…
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Ciki said…
where is this place.. how to get there. directions puhleeze
kung fu fish I want we want !

shud consider 4 yr nex show right ?

tks , that would be just great !

cumi ciki
when you approach Tanjung Karang from K Selangor ( but dun eat all da seafood ah ) then the place is to your right just a little bit after you enter the pekan. See the Kung Fu sign. It opens in the evenings around 5pm when they think it its best to launch a night till midnight till morning attack !
ling239 said…
why no pic of the signboard leh ? :p
its easy to see , just by the roadside like a petrol station !
HairyBerry said…
malaysianised chinese malay style fried noodles. colourful. i usually have my fix in gombak or chow kit. nice.