the golden liquid and the overheated white balance

a fine dining Xpeerience in da backStreets on the night of 4th June 2008 .

...when tens of thousands of thrifty Malaysians thronged every petrol station in towns / backlanes before midnight for a dose of the RM2.70 /litre petrol octane 97.

obviously some fuses were badly blown tonight...

nevertheless, a bsg best great golden marmite boneless blocks of chicken RM10 were waiting

among pleasing shades of golden really deep fried assam African fish RM 22, & a claypot of dark ginger lamb cutlets RM18

but finally cooled down with a plate of complimentary fresh fruits .

after tonight, our eating will never be the same again ...

Breakaway from Jelapang Toll, near Ipoh ( North South Hiighway ) towards nearby Chemor for the extra warm Chinese reception.

Note : pixs from nikon d40x, with golden balance erogenously mistaken as white balance.


HairyBerry said…
for a moment i thought my baby was having an affair with you..*horrors*..but i checked. 4th june, i was with her that night. relief.

dontcha just love the feel of the baby? and it's so light...easy to shoot...but this girl has high expensive lenses...did i make a mistake???
Anonymous said…
I can understand how food can numb the pain.
tigerfish said…
To cook all those food, the amount of leftover cooking oil can be used to power vehicles :P
lucia said…
you are so smart to enjoy filling your stomach on that day and not filling your 'car's stomach' instead.
expensive means got style and class. but get her in right mood when she's not looking at us ok !

trouble is , what then after ?
we will be too heavy to jog, even on the treadmill

for that oily stroke of genius a BSG noble prize will be awarded

TQ, we needed it after all those crazy stunts by the Gomen ! Pay back rebates ? Hey BN ! How about treating us citizens to a kenduri every 3 months in Putrajaya, Penang, Ipoh and JB ? stupid ! stupid ! stupid !
k.t.x said…
what u say i give u a call whenever i m bk in perak huh???? lol.
sure bruder ! email
anytime !Tks
Coketai said…
Next time I recommend you to stop by my hometown Sungai Siput (Utara) 20 min from Chemor toward Kuala Kangsar, a small town but you will find some cheap and good restaurant ( anyway, this is all about food adventure, isn't it!!)

tks for the recommendations !

sg siput remains one of those places we have yet to eat through,but we will program it in on our nex adventure !