do chickens fly ?

There are many ways to curb the wings.

One is to hang them up at night.

Now they have got the Xtra sweet Thais to do it

Do they ? ...really ?

No...We don't think so . Most of the time they look grounded.

For without da feathers they are just skin and bones (watch the blood !)


J2Kfm said…
hi! a change in layout? RM1.80 is considered cheap. even some stalls in Ipoh are selling RM1.90 and above. wonder where this is
Michelle said…
like ur layout!!! neater actually.. hehehe

so far.. i never got to eat any really nice yummy-licious these fly-wings.. anywhere in kl?
Unknown said…
the old layout flew away? new layout looks better. ;-)

chicken wings never fail to tempt people. i can eat as many of these!
Anonymous said…
Thailand Honey? I was thinking of something different, hehe.

Btw, gorgeous side redesign... Things are crisper, clearer now. Very the cool, guys! :)
ling239 said…
so, is the chicken wing good ?
grounded? a pity..cause it will be fun to see flying chicken wings!
tigerfish said…
They flew and got caught in a steel metal rack "net"!
experimenting with some wordpress theme layouts here ! this place is in sitiawan, near the market.

we love this theme too ! very flexible !
we hve heard about this jln imbi place wong ah wah with all the rage. remember the place ok ?

strangely or issit for our benefit actually, wings are now laced with thai power and yes we find this layout much more versatile !

average, hope to compare the jln imbi one soon. wanna try ?

the best wings are made in the lawn over charcoal, like on your new house warming

beware the bloodstained flight...

right, we always ask for them( fried version ) in pubs since their dry oily texture is perfect for the wet brew
HairyBerry said…
thais are sweet, really sweet. with a touch of malaysian savouriness, it's gold. but when one is wet, it's not good.
Anonymous said…
hey nice look, so you hv been busy,...time to visit Cameron
thais are best, only in Thailand !

r u ready ?
Anonymous said…
wahh the wings! i wantt!
come and get it, quick !