the 中國 conneXion

Its gonna link you, even all da way up faraway hills.

The little red bamboo-tiled roof altar with the choking smoke, the 5th dimension here in temperate country. Yellowish pictograph 靈魂 papers burn inside, engulfing you with eerie thoughts about immortality & whatnots...that eternal mystery of your eXistence and well being here on earth

de window to the world beyond ? A mobile Mecca for the highly spirited 幽靈 or, for many ...a pathway to 4 digit fortune or issit everlasting ruin ?

Current legend also has it that in a corner of Cameron Highlands ( Brinchang specifically ) many troubled souls come from near & far below seeking the Sage's divine counsel and miracle retouches/alignment but his stealth-like persona is well, as legendary as he.

It's complex but... lets first break fast ....... next door only .......Chopsticks and the oneTon saucer RM4
then also got this Klangised mother of meats
in a pot of clay......
a wannabe BKT without the sweat RM 10

that is all folks now we gotta go search for some steam

The little red hut
behind Travellers Pub
Tanah Rata
Cameron Highlands


Michelle said…
oooo~ i almost forgotten bout BKT..haven had that for some time d.. =(
NyonyaChef said…
The wanton mee looks good. Hey check out the food stuff.
Ciki said…
so.. was it good/bad/ugly? ;D
HairyBerry said…
new, it is wise to greet the familiar and pay respect by eating the familiar, eventhough it's's a learning curve. and it's complex. lol!
seriously didnt recognise ur blog headers..too used to the old style..but clearly the written post still smells n look the same!
tigerfish said…
Sounds so ghostly...can I just have my food ? :P
of coz klang is the Grandmaster in this dept and still unbeatable for its infinite range and colors

tks and yes we will be there

cumi ciki
its was nothing without some fast track speedstresses around us you bet ! and we are talking about the one now who flies. wished she could have landed beside

eating is but passing thru a moment in time so we need to gaze and chomp aloud all the time

sometimes we tend to breakout but still got many spilling leftovers

sure , small holy distraction no worries....we eat and drink again TQ
ling239 said…
RM4 for oneTon mee... same like PJ oh...