a Chinese wedding

feast in the afternoon of 7 June 2008 for hundreds of Chinamen

team bsg ( KL ) in action

the starter kit

the luscious Chinese 6 ( kindly run mouse over each dish )

the sweetener

a superbly fresh and tummy bursting head flying tasty banquet
Goldhill Club, Kepong , KL@RM650 a table of 10
Thank You dear Hosts (Sri Damansara, KL & USJ 6 ) for all the food
...+ the few tons of draft beer


lucia said…
aiya. at all chinese wedding dinner the food are more or less the same. well as long as it has prawns, that's good enough for me.
Anonymous said…
Wah, team bsg (KL) looks more rosy than the blushing bride leh... I guess the liqour was served rather early at this banquet, eh? ;)
ling239 said…
hmm... no zhong ?
i tot i was the only one @_@
HairyBerry said…
what's cooler than cool is that photobucket running mouse interface.

oh, i didnt know team bsg is a MSC (multi-state conglomerate)...*keeping a lookout for one nearby*
many ppl avoid prawns during such feasts so we are pretty fine.

we started early at 1 , lunch was at 2 pm so it tells!redly

ya V missed that !

we are significantly absent down south, and east. Our marketing guys and gals couldn't penetrate these 2 erotic zones as yet. We will need help.
wmw said…
Eh, haven't seen those from your team before ;o)
a lot have since become gluttons too !