Taiping's Mr BBQ

This everlasting peaceful town with the Xtra old things can still spring a few new surprises, like this yellow macho near the eternal Lake Gardens , behind the big hawker centre. Our impression of food scarce Taiping has now been boosted by leaps and bounds.

the shop occupies 2 intermediate lots below the Persatuan Hainan , just at the edge of town.
click on pic to get phone no

Spacious , & complete with new old decor and heavy looking furniture. Looks quite homely in a casual kind of way.

click on bread to begin eating
all food pixs shot with nikon S600 @ ISO 1600 at preset manual white balance ( without flash )

the tasty Malaysian food offered ( with a Thai twist) is impressive, not least the outstandingly delicious fish curry in a soft crusty brown bread ( RM 28 ) of the highest standard. Think famous Kampar Curry Roti for the comparison, which has now been relegated to no 2 .

We will Mr , B Back even if we have to Q , TQ Sir


HairyBerry said…
the endangered species is getting more endangered as the transportation is even more endangered as the combustion fuel is getting endangered as well.

we are all endangered. and let me have that yummy ray with sting before we are dangered.

the iso 1600 endangered club has a new member (besides me) now. welcome!
Michelle said…
that ray bakar is horribly tempting mannn... *drools*

wow.. that bread is really huge..
first sight i thought it was a damn huge pumpkin.. hehheehe.. then reminds me of jack-o'lantern.. lol.. me so rubbish.. =P

u good in "digging" in good food huh?? when bringing me along??
haha realise y u ask ppl to click for fone number..ur original pic is so huge!
J2Kfm said…
eh, so cheap one? I went taiping lake gardens/bkt larut last week only. but din ate much cz colleagues are malays.
geddit? ... :(
Anonymous said…
Is that bread really that huge or just an optical illusion? :)
tks for the welcome , we have yet to touch iso3200 ! it seems by august our fuel price will become RM4 a litre meaning we shall as you have sharply noted become sharply endangered so, lets eat & drink till kin.d.m comes

really ? good ? yes, we do have a big plan for you...

this post everything is huge !

gotit ! newt time follow us we make it bigger !

tks for dropping by and yes it really is that big, according to the camera...
set to center focus
ling239 said…
u get one whole sting-ray ?!
still meaty ah ?
Tummythoz said…
Yay to more food choices in that not so sleepy town. Good for Taiping, even better for me!
sc said…
yum yum yummy! the bread+ fish curry looks mouth watering!
tigerfish said…
They say when rice is endangered,it is time to start jia kentang. But I always prefer rice to potatoes...I'm just a rice bucket.
actually a stingray has almost no meat only thick rubbery skin and cartilage !

seems people say taiping famous only for popiah and old men

it quite similar to the kampar version, whose curry chicken is famous amd well blogged

in the not too long distant future ppl predict not only got no rice left here in Malaysia maybe we got nothing else left ( like Zimbabwe )
Anonymous said…
The place is very spacious and well decorated.Food is very nice and the price is reasonable too. People say they offer 5 star eating experience food 1 star price.
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