black & white Chinese burgers

oriental secrets , uncovered

She makes a quick grab , on a rainy thursday

petite... soft & delicate

world famous char siew pau exposed, RM 1.30

the big one , possibly size C ( or issit D )

famous Tai Pau RM2.80 , more than a match for the brown American burger

a top notch dim sum shop in PJ

Key Hiong ( opposite Min Tien )
Taman Megah
( beside SS2 )


wmw said…
Haven't been here for some time, thanks for the reminder.
Anonymous said…
Hahhaha... you certainly caught my eye with the title: black & white Chinese burgers... was wondering what it was! LOL.
HairyBerry said…
rainy day, air-con, steering wheel, luscious csb, well-sized dai pau....orgasmic or what???!!!
Michelle said…
hmm.. so which is nicer to nibble on?
the petite or the big??

oh well... i think that's a D or triple D... don't think a simple C will satisfy u glutton-boys...!!

tigerfish said…
I like Pau! Char Siew or Tai...both looks so moist!
J2Kfm said…
RM2.80 for that BIG rounded piece of lustworthy material?
worth it. every cent of it. :)
pity too far off from me.
Ciki said…
any double D kah... as in DD !
will remind you again...

we believe the Europeans copied the chinamen

orgasm always the end ( of another day )

now that you have said it, we have no real preference, only that who they belong to that excite & titillate da lips and fingers and everything else !

moist you say, WOW !

where got far , you r always around ?
got got , very big one and got curve
ling239 said…
i heard that Key Way in Paramount also serves the same type of dim sum leh...^_^
haha chinese burgers..nice 1!
you r right, they are same family people !

but these are more original and inscrutably hidden
Unknown said…
i suddenly thought of the Kuching big big pau.

ask u ah, do you peel the skin off the pau when you eat it ah?

just wondering....