a giant leap for mr cendul

Sometimes somewhere someplace you will come across somebody different from the pack.

And the macho says he was born in 1952 which makes him older than Malaysia, in a small pekan ( town ) in Perak called Ayer Tawar ( plain water) . Which is just as well for now this plain town is no longer so plain . Many people think he's Indian since he's got an Indian sounding name & his staff are mostly Malays & Indians. And it seems the only Chinese fella is the van driver aka the Logistics Director (like somewhere stuck in the last picture below)

Isn't this sweetish green brownish iced-cold dessert with the eye-popping red beans associated with Indian Cuisine ? ...and isn't it always sold in the backStreets in an ancient pushcart with the century-old hand operated screwable ice shaving-grinding machine... behind some weird buildings... always with a surprisingly long but patiently waiting Q under the Xtra hot sun ?

we are talking about this seemingly irresistible dessert from the Mr for RM 1.70 for small, ( why so high ? ...becoz he's been around for 56 years oldy authentic already lah !)
...but of course we have tasted much badder ones

the nasi Indon ( looks like nasi lemak ...tastes unlike it ) RM2.50 biasa ( but for the generous no of crispy look-alike fat headless ikan bilis makes it fairly priced )

mee rebus biasa ( "boiled noodles" in little bit spicy orange kind-of tomato sauce gravy + some fried tofu cuttings & a few pieces of boiled potato pieces ) at a colorful RM 2.50 a plate
...and probably the most stunning boring noodles we have ever tried

rojak ( pasembor some call it ), RM 3.80 a plate of fresh turnip/beansprout/tofu ( again ! omg) salad ( doused in a similarly sweety soury spicy brownish sauce like for the mee rebus ).
The price...tho...is over crunchy by quite a few beansprouts . Next time we should go for his one more thing rojak mee instead !

the hot Mr (cool) Cendul , Giant Hypermarket , Seri Manjung
While softly cooing to Lionel Richie's 1980 something Hit "stuck on you"

the getaway van

Last we heard 2 more Mr Cendul ( now already securely got 4 outlets in Manjung )
will be coming soon to Sg Siput and Taiping (Perak)

Hey, budding young entrepreneurs , maybe you should consider to
plagiarise his Mr style ( legally ) for the 2,000,000 KL market !

a team bsg, Sitiawan presentation


Anonymous said…
Mr. Cendul? And in S'pore they have Mr. Bean (soybean). What will they think of next? McNasi Lemak? :P
Ciki said…
cendul for the hot, hot weather..! perfect
haha , maybe we shud wait for Joe Craver to start the ball rolling !

hey so fast back and craving already ah ?
ling239 said…
the cendol looks good...
i want lots of red bean one pls ^_^
HairyBerry said…
screwable, eh? i still prefer those shaved, up/down position motion ones...easier to go about...and more authentic...hehehe...

crunchier price is better than hard rock price here in kl, i guess...i miss my hometown rojak!
Michelle said…
wow.. tat red bean so "tua liap"
u guys really like "tua liap" things hor!! nice catch~ hohohoho... lol
this cendul is infact inferior to the James Cendul mentioned by masak-masak's recent post which in turn is inferior to its copy cat next bike
( confused ? ) follow us next time you will understand...

sideways round or up down it shall be over-exhilarating !

we do tho sometimes they turn out not so tua liap lah ( really one )
boo_licious said…
I saw this in Ayer Tawar, behind sun hiong song but didn't give it a try though.
this Mr Cendul is also in Econsave, Billion , Ayer Tawar, occupying small corners with a simple menu and owned by a Chinese . The cendul comes in a few versions, all pricier than the push cart competition. 2 other famous peddlars are in Lumut and one near court Mammoth Sitiawan, near the Kong Pian shop. Good to know you have straddled Sitiawan, tho very briefly. Next time we shall assign you a special guide to glide you sweetly thru !