Pantai Remis fresh

Go towards Hotel Lam Seng at the far end of town. See the usual green beer signboard on the road side. Then off the main road drive about 1/2 km inside along the side road.See the restaurant/house where some customers are already eating and drrrrrr... that is one of many simple looking Chinese restaurants in this mainly wooden shops fishing town.

The best is as they say the simplest and the freshest. Agreed.

Like the 1 kg crabs above ( best ) with nothing on except the heat from the steam. The soft willowy pounded yams with the dried shrimps. The crunchiest fried prawny saucers. The Chinaman drinking kaki's best broken bone meats. And the classic curry claypot cat fish chopped into many pieces.
All for RM50 something with 5 rices and 1 teapot

Mang Ka Ka "below the jackfruit tree"
Pantai Remis ( near the sea )
Perak ( near Penang & Selangor )


Anonymous said…
"Like the 1 kg crabs above ( best ) with nothing on except the heat from the steam."

Yeah... Them crabs BEST giler just plain and simple liddat. *slurps*
Anonymous said…
Amazing. Just 50 bucks. Wow. Wow. Wow.
ling239 said…
1kg ? enuff meh ? :p
btw why do u have to pay for the teapot ? @_@
k.t.x said…
the more u write on these joints, the more i felt like a third world country claiming to be again, a more complete chinese meal will never be complete without a teapot of pou lei or ti kunyam or hiongpin...or if u please, either a green or brown tinted bottle or malted goodness.

btw, take it easy dudes...i could not catch up!
J2Kfm said…
haha ... you guys go round Perak so often! is it for work? or for food? =P
so cheap la! I went pantai remis, TWICE last month or so. But din know where to head to for food. Now i know ...
Wennn said…
Wahhhh I wan some of them now lor... Delicous looking... Can't wait to go bek to M'sia to enjoy all these lovely food
HairyBerry said…
i have never tried savoury 'oh nee' before...this one with dried shrimp bits look fantastic and though i'm not a rice chinaman, i will, too, dig in that with bowls and bowls of rice! awesome. and those saucers as well.

and mang ka ha sounds like a song, eh? lol!
ur header pic--tt was my fav fruit when a teenager! ate it with salt! we used to have a tree (what do u call this fruit in english?) n i'd be in it every afternoon after school, looking out for my dad n running back into the hse when i c his car ("girls don't climb trees"). the branches r very brittle, n one day the branch i was resting on broke n it nearly pierced my stomach. had a scar for years. this tree is almost extinct now...
tigerfish said…
I could not make out what are the 1st two dishes. Is the saucer DA vandai? IS the mushy one the yam?
Sharon Y. said…
Food that looks so syok to eat. Aah yam with dried shrimps I love how it sounds
you are 69% on target, save for that 1 or 2 or ??? mugs of beer...

sista PP after recovering from fever is now feverishly athinking how to go on the rolling sea for seafood and stars. Then those things will be cheaper than RM50 !

not enough drinks but becoz its beautiful

your flashes of hit run brilliance is intoxicating even at this far away end . there is no escape when cometh

a little like you ...wok hard eat harder ! preferably not same spot 2wice

welcome back after the short break with the cutie pie !

looks like you have the goody yolde olde kampungeey streak deepli embeded inside ya !

what geat memories of the little sour plums ! what a joy ! Indeed its almost extinct but not quite for we still have them by the hundreds. If you reminice again badly , we just might send you some extra sour ones...

not vadal but prawn fritters ( cucuk udang ? ), and yes thats the yam glue

almost all Hokkians we know love yams more than the ayams ( thats becoz the Cantos love kais more ) , esp when infused and becoming the yam rice. But learly hard to find in bigger towns