your move...


I may be soft but actually I am quite firm



Anonymous said…
Ichi Bento? Mana ni? A 24-hour yakitori place? Late-nite/early morning soccer-watching sessions with beer and Japanese makan? ;)
Michelle said…
hey i like the facade!! nice signage..
where har????
Ciki said…
WHO? u or the crab... lol
HairyBerry said…
soft or firm, hot or cold, i want that asahi beer! my fave! where's this ichy place, btw? looks good!
Babe_KL said…
itchy wat??? heh :p which backlane is this place located?
nick said…
wah where's this place ? japanese fusion food ?...seems interesting
tigerfish said…
Two things strike me in this post - the Tiger beer, and the "pink cloud". LOL!
beer and jap sticks..a match made in heaven and a big burn to the wallet and pocket..
ling239 said…
is the food good ?
value for $$$ ?
always pass by inside boh lang one >.<"
Jackson said…
is that a good deal?
you got them all right we think ! but the Asahi got us bad after the tigers. Its somewhere in unrememberable Kota Damansara near Ikea.

nice place indeed with nice ladies, still trying to figure out where's this dreamy place with the many sticks sticking up

cumi ciki
we are strong once twice many but not soft like that crab

as soon as we get in touch with her again only we know where this heaven is until then pls bear with us ! coming coming

pls get it from her fast before the flight

what about the harder one Dear? without the clouds ?

surprisingly it only burnt one of our hearts

food is tiny portions with crunching crackling sound but the flow was high and uplifting until oh...where are we actually ?
the place is yes, quiet ...until we came. She's flying off to the Emirates soon leaving her brother behind. She owes us a few more Asahis ( will try to bundle in 239 & teckiee too)

she was hot , yes. We shall be in P & B pretty soon. got Singha onot ?
its in one of the row and row of new shops in Kota Damansara and omg we couldn't remember after all the Japanese Beers ! Except her face but will be back soon to get the 13 inches unagis and the address.
J2Kfm said…
hey, cute hangout place ... pricey? LOVE soft shell crabs. but don't link those to your M-hood. =P