...the lost world of Tambun

touch the pixs for the tastes of da finest Chinese seafood

lost and found , pls click
Unique Seafood Ipoh ( the KL chain )
5, Persiaran Lagoon Sunway
Ipoh , Perak
Tel 05 - 548 6010


Yinsi Yat said…
Finally I can find some directions! Muahahahaha ...tenkiu.
Anonymous said…
Makes me wanna fly home this very minute. You sure know all the tasty places.
Unknown said…
i have been to tambun to eat seafood, someone drove us all the way from Penang to the ulu-est place. LOL

it was yummmmmie!

Unique Seafood, there's a similar one in Singapore. Same logo as well. Is it the same chain ah?
HairyBerry said…
like spielberg discovering the lost world of jurassic park, unique has directed itself to the lost world of tambun and created this fantastic restaurant. but i am afraid its not the exhibits that will go berserk but it's the patrons as the food does shout deliciousness. will tambun biscuits in turn, extinct in this reverse cycle?
ling239 said…
price wise ? :p
J2Kfm said…
bsg, pls drop some comments on deliciousness, price etc? heard rave reviews, and some bad ones, mainly cz too $$$ ... the alaskan king crabs and geoducks are my aims, IF i can pay through my nose ...muahha...
its easy ! at the edge of the lost world

this place is inside Sunway Group's big project in Ipoh , surrounded by limestone hills.

same logo means must be the same boss ! its a super high end place with the lobsters,abalones and funny snails ?? ducks ? geo ?

we think they are taking a big gamble here , what in the lost world ? but their tanks and fresh stocks look gleaming like heaven

from 3 star RM 60 a kg right up to 5 star RM200 a kg to 6 star RM RM 800 a kg. Its a top 5 in Malaysia

alas, only our Contractor can afford such grandious meals as you have dreamt. They are super high end ( for their top offerings be prepared for at least RM1000 for 10 )and has a big resort feel. But their low end dishes ( eg ostrich in XO sauce RM 15 for small ,raw giant oysters RM 7 each ) taste quite authentic with reasonable service from the Burmese waitresses. There is a wide repertoire of traditional Chinese cooking styles here. Of course first timers are totally taken in by the magnificent swanky live lobsters and geoducks displayed outside in shining bubbling tanks which has been well publicised ( esp the alaskan crabs ) by some Kl bloggers, eg in similar associates Pantai Seafood,DJ and the Unique one in Jln Kemajuan Pj