an enjoyable quickie in Ipoh

Our lady friend from Sibu was new and we reckon 60 minutes would be a fairly tasty session.

"I don't mind old as long as it is satisfying and has body...with lots of feel ", she murmured softly

My oh my the trusty old warrior din disappoint at all.

All up and about !

Out came the

furious colors red and fair , a first taste for her ! "I love all I see here this instant ! ", she declared with such a dishy smile

After all these seasoned years still as sturdy , reliable as ever and performed right on to scheduled satisfaction.

Kedai Kopi Kong Heng
Ipoh Old Town


k.t.x said…
emmm, a 60mins affair. nice. tender, silky, slurpy, complete with a heavy outflow of juices, red. emm, i can see u checking out those plain breasted chicken from the villages, preferably sibu huh??????? are they crunchy too? fake or real 'one'?
Wennn said…
Kong Heng.... reminds me how much I miss my hometown now... I am sure to hv tat delicous hor fun everytime I go bek n not forgetting the chee cheung fun.... Aiyoooooooo BB kicking craving for some hor fun...
Ciki said…
fair maidens who see fiery red ! how intense!
J2Kfm said…
the chicken kuey teow soup next door at Thean Chun way nicer rite? at least to my humble palate. hehe ... the popiah is still nice though.
Anonymous said…
Fair and fiery red? Eh, referring to the ladies or the chee cheung fun leh? :P
Yinsi Yat said…
Didn't try Lou Wong taugeh chicken this time?
Camemberu said…
LOL what a cheeky post! :D
ling239 said…
Ipoh hor fun is always the best ! ^_^
Anonymous said…
I like the way you take photo of the building from this corner, a very nostalgic feel. If it was black/white ... lagi best! Anyway, I am heading north too next week ... will try to catch some good food along the way.
lucia said…
oh gee, don't lah use such words... made my 'longkang' mind think of something else... like what appears in xxx site. :)
everything was quite juicy wet and sensuously real no doubt tho on the slightly fair side. Which gave a big room for even more darker inbusements of the oozing flat kind to remember after 60 mins or thereafter. Remember , its how she receives and senses the outpours that matters. What a nice feeling

hahaha what sweet red is getting very near right !

cumi ciki
it was Xplosive when the flow came, a first time red unbelievably in this time and age

you must be right , coz there was a big crowd next door . We also missed the satay thing being haram and all that ! popiah we forgot haha

hard to tell really what with all the sensuolicious stresses and oozing pleasures all at the same time ...

the lou wong was koed by the hordes of sound-mongering burmese oredi

We sometimes get carried away after a delicious rare outing . R your pro pixs now opened to the public ?

we have steadfastly irrevocably confirmed that with all our hearts

great, make sure you strike the unadulterated hotspots in the kampungs , more colors ok , B & W only when you get back

oh that was nothing, wait till you see da rre.....thing OMG
Simon Seow said…
Kong Heng, this is where to locals will bring you for good Ipoh food.
HairyBerry said…
a quickie of utmost satisfaction...we all need that once in a while...

am definitely noting this place when i crave for a good 60 mins.
Unknown said…
din try the pork satay?
wmw said…
Make me wanna go to Ipoh for makan!
Unknown said…
the good thing is that the place is pretty unpretentious , service lightning quick , food tasty and prices down o earth ! A+ in all areas , and reliably old

this place offers a decent round up of some Ipoh kicks esp the chickens

we couldn't becoz she wanted to try the salted chickens/duck later down the road

we make you want much more...soon!
Unknown said…
hi, this is desmond from TQ from dropping by and agreeing to participate, but I need a few confirmation from you so that we can do this properly.

Could you drop me an email at info[at]malaysiamostwanted(dot)com. TQ :)
smooth silky hor fun..ohhhh...
Dal said…
so many story about food...very nice..
mail coming soon tks

very soft tender and smooth as like in between

we miss you , and tks
Unknown said…
morning surfing into these favourites of mine is making my air liuh meleleh....

now to hunt for those food here. hmmhh where to find?
Unknown said…
we actually envy you for we know you can find all of these and more where you come from