easy eating in Chin Chai Land

Georgetown ( Penang Island , Penang or Pulau Pinang ) is really a Glutton's Delight , just follow the crowd. For example if you are coasting by on a balmy Saturday before Wesak Day along the western less touristy side of Bayan Lepas / Batu Maung at say 6 pm then curving up and down hills ( punctured by some crashing buses and crushing emergency sirens ) , don't despair and be irritated by impatient U turn drivers but as you tediously descend continue looking around left and right for your next promised course.

Like this shoplot here. See or not ? You can feel it (babe) . A front end array of what looks like a busy something kitchen and yes ! Unmistakeable food

Parking and looking near , its confirmed ! Glorious fresh seafood spotted , anxious finger pointing people
looking down and green vegetables too. Definitely a Hokkian Seafood Centre.

The fried maggi mee ikan bilis . a shop speciality . Crunchy and quite like the Indomie in mamak shops of SS2 PJ . Followed by a rapid succession of boiled spiky snails , plain white squids , assam sting ray and ladies fingers. With 3 soft drinks. All for RM 40 something ( only ). They are inexpensive , and fresh from the nearby sea.

Terubong Seafood (neighboring Ayer Itam)
cannot remember address nor even how to get back here again
But never mind ! This type of interesting "seafood" shop is everywhere on the island,
just follow the crowd wherever you are

Welcome to Penang ! Enjoy


J2Kfm said…
wah, dirt cheap! maggi goreng my fav! with ikan bilis some more! yum yum ...
Anonymous said…
Aha, Ayer Itam is my favourite spot going back to the days when I was a member of a church there. Ayer Itam houses some of the island's best food amid the laid-back ambience of a place we used to call Alitam (hokkien slang for Ayer Itam). By the way, your blog rocks (to quote a psychotic blogger called Arnaz).
Hazza said…
I am a big fan of shellfish .... do you know if you can get this spiky smails in KL?
Hazza said…
I am a big fan of shellfish .... do you know if you can get this spiky smails in KL?
tigerfish said…
Never had spiky snails before. Looks like the evolution of "spikes" on snails did not spare them. They were caught afterall and boiled! :O
Anonymous said…
Wah!... you went to Paya Terubong ! That's where I was born...but where did you find the seafood place ?
it is cheap alright ! lots of people lots of other fishes. nice lady too to serve you any style you want

Tks for yr compliments and great to know you are another die-hard Pg lang ! Interesting history bout the alitam too ! We will see yr pschotic friend very soon

unfortunately no, becoz neither nearest Klang nor not so near K Selangor have it, but they are abundant in Bukit Tambun

we were shocked by the thorns too and decided to squash them to tiny pieces with our bare fangs

along the road after the famous AI Laksa, then straight in. Homecoming is next due, coz we wanna see that fair woman again
ling239 said…
no video on how u guys eat that spiky snails ? curious leh....:p
WaN HoE said…
Ahh I know this restaurant. My grandfather really like this place so we go there for our dinner most of the time :)

Reasonable price for great food !
Anonymous said…
Fair woman....!?we will be there, as the seafood is good
My Taste Heaven said…
Next time you try the laksa at Farlim instead of this one near Kek lok si.