the other Vietnamese in the Pavilion

The current impossible hot weather is taking its toll on me , making me a few shades darker ( hymmm tanned ? ) and all that. So this Sunday morning decided to cancell the gathering at the Club to meet Allan here in this cool chic Pavilion ( those guys have disappeard to Penang last I heard ). But no , not the Food Republic this round , though the choices and prices here are really quite nice with a beautiful view of so many lovely people !

I have always wanted to try this cozy little set-up beside the Turkish restaurant , so here goes.

Table for 2 . Nice comfortable private corner .

Hue Beef noodle for him . RM 19.90. Not too much to his liking , says too bland and prefers the downstairs half price one at the Republic !

STM wrapped roll RM 15.90. Sweety , saucy and nice. I have no complaints

Lemon tea for me ( RM 7.90 ) and stylish dripping black Lagenda ( Viet Coffee RM 7.90 ) for him ( urgggh very bitter not so aromatic ...he din like it ).

But well its a nice quiet place to chat. With clean ambience to boot.

lynn 18 May

La Lot Vietnamese Cuisine
Pavilion KL


J2Kfm said…
wah... a bit overpriced eh? that's why seldom go to Pavilion's top floor eateries.
Anonymous said…
wow, looks fresh as a vietnamese but certainbly not cheap. The downstairs stall in the Republic is so much better priced !
Anonymous said…

no wonder, thought how come the team can end up here ! not cheap at all !
roll ( popiah ) at that price holy cow !
ling239 said…
the coffee thingy, do u have to wait long ?
i hate to see it dripping drop by drop argh....
HairyBerry said…
food republic @ the pavillion is one of the better food courts in town, i think.

hmm, i have an idea. have the good food there, followed by tea/chat at la lot...perfect.
CK Lam said…
Hi, nice blog you have there!!
I really love to try out the bitter viet coffee lo...
Vietboy said…
La Lot does not serve authentic viet cuisine. They don't use the right ingredients for dishes and pho. Take it from a vietnamese living in KL