a Chinese wedding dinner

Traditionally , the proud Chinese parents of the Bride ( or Groom ) will invite their friends/relatives for a Grand Wedding Dinner to celebrate the occassion. This Dinner will comprise from 7 courses upwards held in a "proper" place or restaurant. As is expected, the restaurant must ensure that there is ( more than ) enough food on the tables. Such a Dinner can reach hundreds of tables and thousands of guests and is a serious project to entertain and make every guest absolutely full and happy ! Preferably drunk too ( haha...thats 4 U , team bsg Hong Kong )

Guests typically give "ang pows " ( cash gifts in red packets ) to the Host to show their appreciation for the invite. In the Cities the well heeled will normally hold the function in a Hotel, and pay from RM500 upwards to even thousands for a table of 10. In smaller towns such as Bagan Dato in Perak , maybe around RM200 a table. With slurping dishes something like these

the starter King Sized 4 seasons

click "x" for dish service

the rest of the pack

the iced cream stuffed in a cake dessert

the easy going casual small town Chinese guests

this post is dedicated to Chai (team bsg) n Family(s)


J2Kfm said…
the dessert is special! seldom seen in normal dinners ...
Michelle said…
hehehe.. sounds like my cousin's wedding last month.. at sekinchan..
sea cucumber, sharkfin, abalone n all only like 380 per table.. hehe..

sometimes the food at this kind of areas are not bad.. more homey feel... not that city-commercialised.. i feel.. =P

yea.. sadly for u guys..
no stunning waitress... lol
Mr.galle said…
Hello, this site is nice!!
I already link to this page.
If you don't mind. Please link to my blog this URL
wow..meaning angpau also can shrink to rm30 per person?
Wennn said…
Hmmm it's been a long time since I hv this kind of dinner. I used to love the starters tat they served and not forgetting the soup. I never get to finish the last bit as I wud be too full. The dessert looks nice. It wud be sumthing tat I wud hv becoz got ice cream... hehehehhehee
HairyBerry said…
good move.
wild, passionate nights are much more worthwhile than sharkfins and abalones. Aphrodisiac? as long as the fuel is enough from fore-ignition til the mind can take no more (like convenience stall slurpee brain freeze), it is good enough.
and education dont come cheap in 6 years time whether it is in BD or KK or BKK or KL. save and safe.
Ciki said…
that ice cream stuffed in a dessert and the king size four seasons is as much as my stomach can handle! looks YUM!
Anonymous said…
Wow, the starter King Sized 4 seasons has me droooooooling! Nothing like small town restaurants and having wedding dinners there. Just that much more warmth and tight community bonds. :)
Anonymous said…
wtf..half the price but double the quality?!
lucia said…
only RM200 or so eh. very cheap. here in penang, most parents if wanna show off, hold it in hotels, cheapest is RM450!

we can still get RM280 or so for 7 course dinner from chinese restaurant but not so good dishes. (just ordinary dishes).
wmw said…
I look forward to having such dinners in small town. I love the experience!
Rasa Malaysia said…
I love Chinese banquet dinner, especially the first course. I see that this is complete with the fake shark's fins omelet, which I absolutely love.

Thanks for sending me the photo of NST feature. Many thanks.
i'm told wedding banquets at top hotels here cost RM1,500 per table now, yet the food sucks real bad!it seems like ppl prefer ambience over food when it comes to wedding dinners, which makes it torturous for ppl like me. 'small' restaurants n small town restaurants offer food a zillion times better, like those on this post.
ling239 said…
i like the name of the restaurant hahahaaa....
btw i tot small town wedding dinner is more like a hi-tea that they start abt 4pm in the afternoon...:p
worldwindows said…
It's been awhile after living in the city for so long. What a grand community event these kind of setting will turnout to be?

Plus good food!
some smart fella must have invented this thing !

many ppl say small town wedding dinners rough but solid,,,gals inclusive...haha

mr galle
nice of u to drop by, yes will work on the link soon TQ

typically the AP here start from RM30 , which means u r absolutely correct

now you are back to eating for yourself only so be cafeful ah, except the ice cream !

the lure of big city lights has its hazards and costs as you have aptly described ! But it also has its share of big tingling multi-sensations

cumi ciki
u sure that one enough meh ? still got songs and wine u know

small town food is big on quantity and down to earth if not a bit crude with all the plastics !But yes, more natural bonding and u can afford to be exactly yourself...

wah so excited wan ah ! Yes loh , can eat till u drop

Pg also so expensice already ah ? om goodness, hopw LGE and co keep prices more down

one fine day , in the woods...

we definitely can feel you having loads of fun in the states , and back home too. Well done !

so deep down you are the true authentic kampung Gal ! True, city wedding dinners are a dread to many people what with having to dress up for the miskill and then sitting thru a businesslike function

this one started at 6pm and ended about 9pm. short and direct

world windows
nice to see you here and yes this is a big small town event where people will talk about for the next 48 hrs!