the big rice shop

Chinese Hock Chew / Foochow or Fuzhou cuisine is a rare commodity in West Malaysia .

Except in Sitiawan , Kg Koh & nearby Ayer Tawar where there are many Chinese shops with at least one or 2 signature Hock Chew specialities.

A popular Chinese "Big Rice Shop" in Sitiawan town is located just behind the Marrybrown Restaurant and near the Indian Temple. The red wine noodle, sweet sour ribs and tofu soup marked at the corner of the menu is a sure giveaway of the startling Hock Chew influence here.

Tasty sweet & sour pork ribs , mildly spicy and meat that comes easy off the bones, do not miss this one

green veges with sliced garlics , for once the garlics are even better than the green stalky things .

the one of a kind starchy tofu soup ( gravy )... a Hock Chew team bsg classic.
3 of the above dishes for 2 with 2 rice and a soft drink for
RM 21... for more visit
Restoran Tien Y Tien ( air cond )
18 & 19 , Taman Sitiawan Maju
32000 Sitiawan , Perak
Tel 05 - 692 9360


Anonymous said… do know where to go for great food...hence the name Team BSG...
The sweet & sour pork looks good. I haven't had hock chew/fuzhou food before but i know sitiawan is full of hock chew people. Is it similar to cantonese food?
HairyBerry said…
...and i thought sweet and sour pork was of Canto origin...thanks for the enlightenment! i wonder if nasi ayam was hainanese-inspired...

btw, hey, finally got to see a pic of da fantastic bsg team.
Anonymous said…
Hehe, I like how you mentioned that "the garlics are even better than the green stalky things" --- I happen to love the garlic slices cooked with green veges more than the veges themselves, normally I'll finish them all myself! *slurps*

And yalor, finally see the BSG Champipns' faces: BRAVO! No place you guys won't pergi to cari makan... Heroes lah...
Ciki said…
the sweet and sour pork has me salivating.. nice shots!
J2Kfm said…
wah, opens only at nite ah?
looks like great food
tigerfish said…
I did not know sweet and sour pork is hock chew specialty. I just eat..and thought it was of some Cantonese orgin :O

The only Hock Chew food I know is Fuzhou fishballs...those with meat inside...hee heee....
Sharon Y. said…
Mmm simple delicious dishes are what I love. You guys are good at hunting for the best food. When I was in Setiawan some time ago, I had no luck finding any good restaurant
Min said…
Hi,I'm from Sitiawan,love to see all the Sitiawan photos here.. great food also, only thing not too much choice for the Muslims.
by and large Fuzhou /Sitiawan Chinese food is similar to general Cantonese cuisine except for certain famous popular dishes cooked in different styles eg red wine ginger mee suah , sweet sour pork ribs/fish fillet , fish balls with meat stuffings, imitation shark fins, fish maw in sticky spicy gravy ( the no 1 ) , loo mein , kong pian etc . In Sibu Sarawak it is a common and major item

nasi ayam is Chinese not Hainanese inspired ! yes we have appeared from the backlane!

you are the knowing selective connoisseur, we need more geniuses !

cumi ciki
this one is simply great

get them in Ayer Tawar as well, even cheaper

we understand in San Fransisco theres a famous Fuzhou Restaurant where Jackie Chan with Chris Tucker did something

when in Sitiawan nex ,buzz us... we have all the backlanes covered !

tks for coming over. wah just the other day we were saying so many Malay/Muslim shops here. Try Lumut/ Teluk Batik or Seri Manjung . Silarturahim in front of Naval Base is tops in Malay food, better than many in the cities. Also check out my lumut for more
ling239 said…
i heard in Sitiawan got very very good fried oysters wor, really ah ?
you are right, the oh chien here is drier and more bouncy with a definitely more distinctive oyster less eggy taste. its called

"tear luunng"

Try it soon dear