authentically changing

We still love this sentimental dark run down backlane in the famous Lucky Gardens, Bangsar. The corner one. Our third time eating from the tiny stall selling the mildly spicy santany sourish big Sarawak Laksa with the distinctive sexy curved prawns tails up.

Still looking very very pretty, as we know her

although the wonderful thrills and senses seem jaded this time
...all for love @RM5

A signature team bsg gastronomic centre @ Lorong Ara Kiri 2 , Lucky Gardens, Bangsar

Dun tell me that I am getting old or issit Her ?


Anonymous said…
Hah! Finally! Something I've tried myself... not just this stall but the whole hawker centre is very popular, esp. during weekend mornings... very the packed. :)
Michelle said…
why must u always tempt me with those good-looking prawns?? *frowns*

Precious Pea said…
The first time i tried Sarawak laksa was from this very same stall. But i didn't like it back then till i tried it again in KK! Sedap lah!
HairyBerry said…
u where got old? what did u 3 gluttons find in the backstreet that transformed all of you back to your UPSR days? please let me have some of those!

that reunion of forgotten taste and smell..the intertwining of memories and sweat (spicy)...i so wanna meet this sexy HER.
ling239 said…
have not try this...
but previously when i had sarawak fried rice, it was kinda black, apprently from the olive, is that similar to the mee version ?
J2Kfm said…
eh never try sarawak laksa b4 la. not use spaghetti one meh? probably rmbr wrong stuff. but the prawns are curvaceous ... =P
tigerfish said…
I think it is YOU! You all old liow...cos you start seeing prawns curling up like a sexy her! Jaded or not!
Kidding lah!
Anonymous said…
Hey I tried that shop..but still the best is in Kuching. Nick
no wonder we thought you looked familiar, like some beginning

just wait till you see the backStreets

sarawak the original is highly rated indeed

sometimes you become lucky and viola things happen ! and so it is like youth and flame, it burns when you are not looking.

this one will be here guaranteed, as it was for more than a decade

no no , the mee version is almost like sourish curry mee without the see hum and the heavy dripping heat, but can be quite refreshingly marvellous if comes out hotly done

its like mild curry mee , on the sour side but bee hoon pretty

old also can lah, more forgiving and state of the seasoned iressitible feel.

u r back oredi ah fr Kuching ? omg take more backlane pixs my friend, not the filipino gals ok
Unknown said…
i have tried this one!!! this very particular stall!

and i the gila gila one tried at least 8 versions the locals favourite sarawak laksa stall, when we followed a colleague back to Sarawak. We even ask the hotel door man, 'di mana sarawak laksa yang enak sekali'?

where is the best one in Spura? colleague's home kitchen. LOL..
Sneak peak here.
k.t.x said…
i wont start by saying that we hv a lot in common, bcoz, i dont intend to marry u and not expectiong otherwise, but we do hv something in common.....
Unknown said…
yr nex door lady's prawnies are gorgeously pinky red killer orange OMG !

you serious, you mean it , huh ...can't be . yes ah ? tha... the..
wmw said…
Ah...can always rely to get my fix for Sarawak Laksa and abacus seeds from here.
Anonymous said…
I am a Penang lang. I feel very insulted when you say Sarawak laksa is good. There is only one laksa - and that is Penang laksa. There is no such thing as sarawak laksa, understand? We Penang lang dont take kindly to stupid insults, understand?
haha the place tops

O Oh , you must have just crossed over from one of those superhot territorial political blogs on the latest Penang troubles under the new State Pakatan Gomen ! We understand...have no fear , Penang laksa is in no danger of losing its name and becoming XYZ laksa ! Tks for dropping by, one fine day we meet for Ayer Itam/Balik Pulau laksa maybe CKT too. Relax and enjoy !Our next post is on Penang food !
Anonymous said…
Hi there,

I would like to make some correction for your article on Bangsar's (Lucky Gardens) Sarawak Laksa posted on 2.11.06 where you mentioned: Plain Jane Sarawak home - made kono mee.

I am from Sarawak and we do not have "kono mee", it shld be "kolok mee".