all forgiven

Its like a kind of time warp.

People zooming across the Highway at 145 kph passing by quickly mostly. They either go straight to Ipoh or turn right to Pangkor.

People will tell you , there's nothing here except peace & quiet. Maybe the rain if you are lucky . Things are pretty old here, like the first Museum , earliest Hill Station , da pioneer Golf Course and so on.

We have heard , in fact tried some shops in KL/PJ ( USJ Taipan ) though proudly announcing its quaint charms like the fish balls , popiah and some kind of noodles. There has got to be something good right ?

Coming in from Simpang on the old Federal Trunk Road just after Changkat Jering ( best durians in Malaysia outside Camerons ) , we could see the majestic blue hills circling the entire back of the Town, like a kind of awesome Great Wall . As we entered we caught sight of at least 6 Indian banana leaf rice shops on both sides and did a first strike ( Chetty Nad ) . Unexpected , authentic & interesting military crowd only RM 6.50 with fish . Some hungry Chinamen were spotted using spotless plates.

Down the road over the backlane we caught sight of a packed place ( Bismullah Cendul ) with a busy Malay lady on a minibike selling laksa, outside a rojak shop and the green dessert. The little sweetener tasted santany creamy & is 2nd to none actually , only RM 1 a tiny bowl ( with the try-harder sellerman muttering several more spiked versions ) .

Squeezing into the busy food court beside the Store Shopping Centre we picked this one out. At an affordable RM2.20 a normal sized plate it has everything from tender kuey teow to crunchy beansprouts to fresh cockles and prawns with green flat long veges. Except taste.

At the foothill before the ascent to the Hill , get this first at only RM1.50 a flat plate. Looks traditional & oldy great with DIY limes and all u can spray prawn paste but even then we dun think you can ever prop up the taste better than us, because we couldn't .

The saving grace !
Beautiful and perfectly serene ...and the reason we are here this time...again ( touch n go )



Michelle said…
hmm u certainly cant get this price in kl.. so far la bsg... soooo far from here... =(
ling239 said…
RM2.20 for CKT ? o.O
in KL/PJ only in my dreams lar..... >.<"
Ciki said…
wa.. how many stops didja make just for food... i like the part about the GREAT WALL :)
J2Kfm said…
wah, you guys really go around Perak for food ya? Taiping has abundant of treasures, but just too far for day trip. =P
Anonymous said…
RM2.20 for CKT? Yes, but you said it's got everything EXCEPT taste wor... then not worth it liddat lah, even if it's cheap.

Btw, love how you feature the restaurants in a mini-cloud on each pic of the food. Cool.
HairyBerry said…
pack up the cendol and laksa and a girl and head to the lake for a fine picnicking experience.

dont pack the blr though. there's a high chance for some lovey-dovey in the romantic setting. no one likes a curried finger...
Tummythoz said…
RM2.20 for everything but taste. Hahaha.
only RM1.50 a flat plate?
wow. the price is so reasonable.
Somemore it looks nice. =)
V have something nearer to Klang this coming Aug, for U , when he comes in from HK and he from Bagan Datuk, Hopefully with the vinegar too haha

why we can do it for free , sometimes

cumi ciki
we have just da place for your heavenly up trek , only 12 km all in not including smiling photo pixs. shud be loads of fun after the 1.50 laksa no kidding hahaha

3 of us are the great Perakian state kaki u know !

a little same like some great looking gals at night, they got everything...but they rushhh
the clouds are our latest hitech discovery

now now thats wonderful , simply lovely in the clouds up there , only 2o mins flat. BLR we just discovered something...its a mess

we knew you could feel it...being from the original land up north a little bit with the still Engrish name

welcome to the backStreets, where every good thing must be below RM2 ! the laksa's taste is not consistent sometimes dilute sometimes wonderful, tho business is not so good now. can try the next stall down the stream same price bigger fatter bowl
Simon Seow said…
My aunt stay in Taiping but can't find time to visit.
k.t.x said…
perak's non other the best place to savor real deals for real deals. high five brother in arms, where are OUR servants?????? lol.
we will be back again to try some night delights , other than the famous night safari !

we are only one guy short to make up FF ( fantastic 4 )
sc said…
sad that most of the food was mediocre.. oh well, at least the lake look breathtaking :)
the lake , if you are a first timer from KL for eg will astound you completely . Did you know when we were there there were 30 tour / School buses ?..yet so peaceful
Unknown said…
all the photos have liquid in it. melted ice in cendol, gravy in the laksa, water from the lake garden.

that leaves CKT out, no wonder it is not nice. maybe if they cook the wet version, it might taste better. LOL..
Unknown said…
Best durian in Malaysia is from Balik Pulau, Penang ! The best ever !!!!

Everywhere else, the durians taste like rubbish.

Bleh !!
Unknown said…
you mist be talking bout...her. yes wet we love most , most times

you are aqbsoluely right ! coz taste is in your eyes and heart