8-course 88 something

classical Chinese feast for eight

all of these delicacies . RM89.90 without the tax .
Complete with stunning decor , stunning waitresses
plus one absolute Stunner

view then eat to believe

restoran tien Y tien
behind Marrybrown
Sitiawan town
tel : 05 - 692 9360 or 012-562 8742


J2Kfm said…
wow, so cheap! can feed 10 ah?
what's the absolute stunner anyway?
behind Marrybrown...ok, gotcha ...
lucia said…
89.90? not 88.88?

but you no name the dishes lah!
yes, sure can ! the stunner's right behind the cashier counter , she with the immaculate stylish looks.

1 shark fin soup
2 vege in oyster sauce
3 butter prawns
4 flaming chickens
5 fish in spicy sauce
6 sotong in hot wok
7 fish slices in sweet sour combo
8 house tofu

great meal for 10
HairyBerry said…
(89.90*5% govt tax*10% service charge)/10 ppl = 10.38345/ppl
One don’t have wait for a 8888 number to strike a 8888 lottery for a 8888 meal.
Here it is.
Stunning waitresses?
88888888 indeed.
ling239 said…
hmm.... oh-jian is a fav in Sitiawan right ? :p