69 mins up

96 mins down
the iconic presence

the most no of hotel rooms in a single hill location , anywhere on earth

first completed in the 1970s now a vibrant Metropolis .Complete with single dish wonders. A paradise for lovebirds. Electrifyingly cool atmosphere. What is RM 6 for 1 plate of nutless mamak styled nasi lemak egg and RM 5 for Malaysian teh tarik ?

and RM14.80 for a bowl of cockle-less curry mee ( never mind it got bsg ranked 2 out of 5 by taste ) in a suave super attentive Hongky styled cafe ?
Go for the Big Picture ! 22 degrees C by day 18 degrees by night . WOW !


worldwindows said…
I love to take short breaks with family in Genting. Leisurely, cool balmy climate, and relatively cheaper stays. It is not the food. My son love Marrybrown and I go for other franchise outlets. Hope you can recommend something decent.

It is brave of you to go up during school holidays. Sometimes it is a mad rush and a mad house up there.
sc said…
find the food in genting resort/ first world etc sucks big time. usually we'll eat at mushroom farm or gohtong jaya which serves yummy stuff..
Anonymous said…
Nut-less and cockle-less? What is the world coming to???
J2Kfm said…
hmmm, Genting's a 'heaven' for gamblers, 'hell' for foodies. on most days, I would carry my own cup noodles (hehe, cheapskate, I know) to stave off hunger pangs late at night, or for bf, as most of the options there are horrid.
Precious Pea said…
Go to Taman Cendawan for great food. First shop on your right is the better one.
Simon Seow said…
That's why I rather go to the Terrace Coffee Shop. Food is tastier and reasonably priced by hotel standard.
HairyBerry said…
when we were young, we bring maggie mee and curry chicken and rice to up where we belong because there was no food. and we were hungrier bcos it was colder and we were younger.

now, hotter, we still bring maggie (and kimchi)mee and curry and lotsa money for makan there simple because, food, real food...mmm, well, where? where?
ling239 said…
hmm... why food there are so lousy ah ?
and all the fast food outlet charges higher price...

luckily we can still find Causeway Bay in First World...:p
you'd have to drug me n drag me to genting. the place is a concrete mess of stale stinky passageways n the most terrible food in Msia! perfect example of a man-made disaster, pity bc the climate's really pleasant all the time.
genting makes a great holiday destination for most becoz of the weather and the dreamy setting designed , we suspect to make people momentarily lost . Food is expensive and touristy but for loads of China and Taiwan visitors they find spicy offerings exceptionally interesting.

right! the 2 areas have a good reputaton for home styled traditional Chinese offerings. We love the water chickens and the terrapins not to mention the durians too. But prices are very tricky esp the fish...beware !

we infact saw the movie Sky Captain & the WORLD of 2moro right here in Genting !

our quickie also includes tomyam mamee from the stall inside Theme Park for RM3 each which can even share. But NO eating before the Drop ok

we used to eat a lot in Gohtong Jaya and like the Pak Su Kong and the Frogs but no not yet the Cendawan place

in fact there shud be some shops serving good decent food among the hundreds here , but dunno which one ! of course the prices may be triple those downhill but the scintillating romance here takes care of all, huh ?

this place for action, food included but pay from nose never mind !

we are still looking for good food, sure got one here in Genting ! definitely got. 100 % got

some say this place heaven some say hell we say get ready, soon we shall drug you...then drag you ? haha
tigerfish said…
Why did it take longer to come down than to go up? Food vs gravity forces? :P
wow you noticed !

becoz we were all pumped out and suffering from disbalanced ear pressure sorry...