its time 2 curse & swear !

...or the untold joy of uncovering...

the mystery of what lies underneath the forbidden chambers

but first , feast your dreamy eyes on this ruggedly devious handsome Kingsly stump

then get your nasal high on this willowy evil golden mother-of-all creams

never mind this necessary solid discard ( his time is done thank goodness )

then this ( dude, what shall we do with them ? ) prickling sourishy scrapheap ?

All this for only RM 8 a kg. So for a normal fruit weighing 1.4 kg pay RM 14. This tricky monster will probably expose only within its chambers 5 of the lusted golden pulps ( if you are lucky , if not then maybe 3 only ) .

Each of the normal sized 60gm seed contains about 1/2 edible creamy layer giving 5 X 30 = 150 gm edible portion

...yes ! a RM14 1.4kg Durian for only o.15kg of real meat ? WTF...ruit !
a f%*+#% imposter Emperor for a whopping RM 93 a kg !

NB : this has been another " know what you have been eating but just eat-lah" exclusive series by team bsg
all calculations/assumptions above have not been verified by the Royal Malaysian Natural Edible Producers' Board


Anonymous said…
Isn't that why durians sold at supermarkets are getting more and more popular these days? You save the hassle of opening the fruit and discarding the shell AND you get what you see.. No suspense, but no mystery either... Which would you go for?
k.t.x said…
apart from gastronomy and some other things i could not figure out, we must hv shared a common passion...arithmetrics. u r a real thinker u bastard u...hehe.
Michelle said…
durian durian on the tree.. who deserve u the most of them alllll???

mE ME ME!!! *points at myself*

ok tat was random. nutty d.
ok la.. i miss durian..
cant eat cos weather heaty la..
haih. sad.
Tummythoz said…
Gone are the good 'ol days where small kampung ones still go for RM0.50 to a ringgit .. *sigh*

Now it's like 'sek-kam' (eat gold).
ling239 said…
those sold at Jusco isn't really that bad.... ^_^
like that one in SS2 ~
and apparently they supply to Jusco !!
lucia said…
yucks! i don't take durians... no not because of the smell. just don't like the soft creamy type flesh. very geli to me (just like i don't like yoghurt).
we love durians when we are in a big group and eat beside the stall squatting, this way we get instant replacements ! We actually dun like supermart durians becoz no fun no tention no stress so no happy

u forgot we eat more than we think
esp when womenfolk are watching

now we know one more little secret ( which shall be used honorably trust us )

indeed its fools gold 70 % of the time

there might be some good deals off and on at the supermarts we believe, like sometimes the RM9.99 a packet type

you really must learn to like them....soon we hope