a taste of Malaysia

Many European travellers congregate in Pantai Cenang, one of the more popular beaches in duty free Langkawi Island. At night the main street takes on a bright carnival atmosphere with all the bright lights you tend to associate with an Xciting & happening place. We were pleasantly surprised at the range and variety of fine eating establishments here ; Arabic , Moghul , Irish , Italian , Chinese , Thai etc , etc . The choice is very wide indeed .

Towards the Casa del Mar Hotel from the Underwater World on a warm hungry night ( Langkawi is reputed to have one of the warmest climates in Malaysia ), you will probably be dazzled by this tasteful appetising glow set in a kind of lush garden in a forest . As we were .

Proudly announcing Malaysian cuisine and "most popular local dishes" .
The Rasa ( "taste " ) Restaurant of Pantai Cenang , Langkawi , in all its rustic glory.

Well patronised with a colorful mixed crowd busy with the promised spread.

Our taste of nasi telaga 7 (RM 10) , a house speciality of light spicy fragrant rice with a sprinkling of beef rendang bits , mango slices , lemongrass , onions & green chilis cleverly placed on the sides , for discerning connoisseurs.
Nicely done and very Northern Malaysian style.

this gently grilled dory fish (RM 20 ) is quite tender & and had just the about right amount of mild Western "sauce" , a testament to the fine touches of the Chef . Looks tastefully simple.

As a true blue beach restaurant you will of course find the mandatory fresh seafood corner ( with satay too ) , right at the front of the restaurant ! Pick and choose from the abundant big prawns , local fishes & 1kg lobsters to be "bakared" to your hearts' content !

...and yes if you are lucky a resident busker rendering sentimental old hits worth your $$ will serenade you and partner(s) here for added feel and authentic musical ambience.

After a satisfied dinner , you definitely know where we went to neXt , right ?

Rasa Restaurant ( halal )
Pantai Cenang, Langkawi
tel : 04 - 955 4949


Hazza said…
Somehow these kind of venues usually leave me with the feeling that something is missing... maybe its the cat brusing against my feet, or the smell of a longkang nearby :)
Anonymous said…
Love the presentation of nasi telaga 7. So colourful. So there are 7 side ingredients there? *count count count*
Anonymous said…
See Please Here
k.t.x said…
so, after dinner, where did u all go? lol.
ling239 said…
the dory fish portion is so big.... not fishy ? :p
J2Kfm said…
dory looks so elegant ... hope no 'mud taste'
yr heart is still very much with the authentic backStreets !

another delicious connoisseur who eats with the eyes too ! were there 7 ? haha we din realise ! even tho we just got back from the 7 wells

the tomato pub then the merry makers place then oasis then papadam then...wish u were here

no its not but fishy as a fish shud be :-)

here they are quite artful with the presentation and did infact have an adjoining Art Gallery some months back !