short & curvy, round / dry, long ( slippery & firm )

flat & soft OR you want BIG...

the choices are quite many

short & curvy Mee Goreng , Malay style
lots of tofu , some fish cake slices
can find in every nook and corner , extra simple & quick
round , charred & dry Indian/ Muslim style Mee Goreng
lots of tofu , some prawn fritters + ??
always beside the roti canai / rojak / nasi kandar corner , can get super hot
the Marco Polo long slippery firm noodles aka sphagetti ( bolog-nahhh )
plenty of tomato sauce plus some minced meats
can find in some Cafes somewhere , feels chewy & can slip out if not careful

a recent flavor of the month... wet flat soft watery"char keow teow" Malay style
always got 1 or 2 shelled prawns on top
check the warongs ( remember to say "basah" for wet ), actually quite delicious

the fierce BIG BLACK oily side-alley Chinaman
overoiled overfat tastylicious voluptious killer of the night
aka Hokkian Mee
available mostly when the Sun sets... around uneven dark corners
always got the meat and the crunchy thing
consume at your own peril

this has been a team bsg know what you are eating educational service................. terms & conditions apply


Michelle said…
"flat & soft OR you want BIG..."
hehhee.. so.. erm.. nice quote.. lol

the hokkien mee is soooo tempting..
so deliciously black... and like u said.. so overoiled and overfat.. but yet cant get enough of it.. *drools*
wmw said…
Love 'em noodles!
HairyBerry said…
like ladies of distinctive beauty, bolog-nahhh or just goreng, we love them all noodles. long, silky, smooth, tender. we've got to love 'em...
ling239 said…
mee mamak leh ? :p
Ciki said…
gimme gimme all that at.. and then some...
eh better eat up, tmmw the noodle prices going up till u have to cook dis at home!
Anonymous said…
oh you're talking abt noodles...
Anonymous said…
Gimme the big, black oily Chinaman... LOL. They've really got really good hokkien mee at D'sara Uptown leh...
k.t.x said…
u did not touch on the CHINESE la mian and also the local 'rats noodles' orginated frm the kinta valley. u did not touch on the geishaish sobas. u did not touch on the hard and crunchy 'mamee'. u did not touch on the veli good plastic surgeried korean noodles infused with kimchi......ahem ahem.....yeah yeah.
lucia said…
ooh yummy yummy i luv all the mee here (oh and the malay char koay teow).

the hokkien mee here is not our penang's hokkien mee but rather 'hokkien char' in penang lingo. don't really like hokkien char that much, but i love very very much mee goreng - must be very pedas, only sedap.
Hazza said…
The best and worst in Malaysian food! Best taste, worst for health! Hokkien mee picture is missing something important though .. the red sambal.
J2Kfm said…
definitely char kuey teow. :)
the bolog ...NAHH! came a close
2nd though.
sc said…
it's the big black oily cinaman hokkien mee for me! cant get enough of those pork 'croutons'..hehe
Jason said…
Would like to try Malay style CKT!
one very good fat one is found in USJ 2, the other corner lot after the 1st corner lot shophouse next to Shell ( facing USJ Summit )

yr high fire frying hot shot pf the PJ Sea Park 2-men tai-chow is fresh in our minds

small correction , we hate & love them as Adam would say , so they come in short , long , fat or round...of course we eat them all!

reserved for the nicest wink in Kelab Tropikana next !

wow, another noodles connoisseur

isnt it just amazing that the 5o sen maggi mee has become a wonder hit at night ? just topped with a fried egg

now that you have said it , we await your take from Siam land, the land of food even ranked higher than Malaysia !

we watch with great fascination how all the office guys and gals in ties and head gears down all those oily black mee in broad daylight by the dusty roads day in day out !

sharp sharp ! In fact we scolded ( lustily ) the Indon petite lady waitress for not giving us the famed smelly sambal which she claimed sold out earlier ( how can ? )

some of the pixs are actually from stalls in Lumut , so nex trip you can try ! ( Kafe no 1 , Lumut Jetty opposite )

yes , we too look for them when we are in Jln 222 PJ , or Jln Bandar KL ( behind the shops haha )!

Malay style CKT is a strange mix of keuy teow and hokkian mee and then mee jawa minus some meats but adding 2 prawns
tigerfish said…
Why can't it be flat, soft AND big?!?!? hahahhahah!

Now I know why I like noodles so much coz I don't dislike any dish here!