she hunts , he stands by & large

The males of an animal species are usually larger , stronger , faster and hunt for food. That is called natural. Or was meant to be . But it doesn't have to be the whole truth .

image uploaded from Wikipedia

The female lions for eg are well known to be the hunters while the males roar.

image courtesy Google

in Kota Baru (Kelantan ), the ladies rule the market place while the men , errrr...are busy attending another PAS ceramah

here by the roadside , somewhere in a countryside wet market , She lays , swirls , sets and rolls the snack called Popiah while he

...well...collects the dough , very neat right ?

nicely laid

delightful crispy & springy Chinese roll of mixed vegetables,
eggs and prawns + chilli ( its all in this thing ) sauce

food pixs courtesy of Nikon ( heart of the image )
S600 ( the slickest P&S in the market today )


Ciki said…
i am woman, hear me roar.. lol. the popiah looks good!
ling239 said…
you advertising ur camera ah ? :p
cumi ciki
Hear hear ! We know u r the one !
the popiah is expensice at RM1.50 each but ok

how u know ah ? actually we love Nikon , the image to the heart...
we also shoot with Nikon D40X sometimes too when nobody is looking