a really classy backlane

Welcome to the island of delightfully Xtreme contradictions !

the tiny unbecoming main road along Pantai Kok leading to the xhilarating Oriental Village/Cable Car Xperience from Pantai Cenang/Langkawi Airport . You will see nothing from here.

turn inside and you will be stunned beyond repair ( next 5 minutes ) , for this el Dorado alfresco backStreet is like no other .

introducing...a guide to novice passion , style & elegance

a pint of tiger sir ? ....to go with da balls ?
no matter if its ( omg ! ) lamb balls or longish garlic baquette

You may also try the signature rio de janeiro BBQ Brazilia here, complete with the personal touches of the big Chef himself.
Its just wonderful to cool down over multiple mugs of RM3 !! Telaga Harbour Park chilled beer .....& hallucinate in glory , celebrity and fame as you disembark once more round the world in one of those shining white multi million dollar immaculate yachts calling out your name....


Anonymous said…
I was here to take snapshots of sunset. It was beautiful during that moment! Balls + cheap beer + sunset = romantico
Ciki said…
wow.. brazillian bbq eh... were there any dancing madi-grans? lol... kidding. the plc looks like somewhere i wanna set up a hammock and laze all day with a book. v nice
HairyBerry said…
globalisation is now working faster than the green house effect...a tropical setting (palm trees included) with mediterranean and latino food...and mugs of RM3. el dorado indeed.
ling239 said…
backlane also u can find ah.... cool ~
makes me wanna fly to Langkawi now ^_^
rm3 ar?? aiyoh raise price lor..last time i went..1rm a can only mah..
JOjo said…
RM 3 is so cheap and this is such a big contrast, by a backlane...
Anonymous said…
Makes me wanna go vacation right now... away from all this horrid afternoon rain. Sighs... :(
k.t.x said…
uhhh, and light rain, wind blows and rythmic droplets hitting the timber deck, and swaying coconut trees, so romentik..overlooking gisele bunchen in her silky fare in the yatch over....there.
J2Kfm said…
langkawi ..imagine i NEVER beenthere b4... and RM3/jug!!!!
wow... ultimate thirst quencher
u bet ! got traces of much loving love here and there in this gourmet drunken zone ! with the Loaf a few doors away

cumi ciki
amazing right ? drink and drunk among the multi millionaires and the halal kampung folks within earshot distance...

perfect latino ambience , in sarungs

ling 239
come now airasia all in fr KL oni RM160 ( 2 way ), we wait 4 u

your last time must be 1990 lah. then oso yr price is the chinaman sundry shop lah yes got 99 sen.( today RM 1.60 oredi ) But ah this one is 5 star fine dining Europen Zone super chilled one you know ,in KL ah at least also RM7.99 happy hr sommore

yes thats drunken harbour with millionaires

this kind of place 4 u one ( actually must bring active gals )

yatch got all these soft places to do one

actually RM3 /mug in restaurant. in shops/minimarket is RM 1.60 a can
J2Kfm said…
RM1.60 a can? *faint* (from sheer joy, & vow MUST visit Langkawi at least once) .... =P
one of the solid reasons why we come here !