real fish in a rice shop

Malay cuisine is straight to the point and follows the maxim WYSWYG to the hilt. In fact it is the most popular food in Malaysia , all things considered. For one , the majority of the local population makes a beeline for this kind of ubiquitious offering , in Megamalls , outside apartment complexes , Government Buildings , residential estates and ....yes the backStreets.

The crowd below is a pretty common sight in Malaysia , with hungry customers looking lovingly down , ogling and feebly trying to resist the multiple tempting charms. Why ! It does take an extra strong spirit to overcome the delicious array of stunning colors and fragrant ( pungent ? ) aromas, no ?

A BSG favourite , the absolutely gorgeous fresh living greens ( ulam ) with the adorable fermented sambal(s)

cencaru ( armour fish with super hard bones ) ikan bakar with another signature pungently biting sauce

a masterful display of freshly fried fish ( from the nearby sea ) , adorned to green perfection

the bestest cheapest lala you can find ( now you can forget all the seafood centres ! )

another one , this is the slimy soft fresh water version

baby squids , ( watch it ! sushi king )

delightful desserty companion the cendul with giant red beans ( no need to go Penang oredi )

here by the roadside , all for a RM a fraction of what you will get in seafood restaurants
mahkota nasi campur
Lumut Waterfront ( beside the new multi-level car park )


Kenny Mah said…
Is that cincaluk being used in one of those sambals? Mmmm... yummy... It's an acquired taste but I love it! :D
Ciki said…
nice blog. must rmbr to stop by whn i nxt go lumut. one question, wotis WYSWYG ? haha
HairyBerry said…
yah, what's WYSWYG? haha!

yes, Malay cuisine is direct and almost au naturale. even a simple grilled cencaru tastes fantastic with just sambal belacan and chopped onions and lime. gorgeous.
so far...when r u goin to blog about KL????
fatboybakes said…
why are you always in lumut ah?
tigerfish said…
Suddenly I see and read so many fish, I scared! :P
Hazza said…
Do I see cincalok in the second pic?? My favourite accompaniment but been banned from having it in the house by my wife!
ling239 said…
the lala with kunyit ? so yellow one.... nice ah ? ^_^
it is all right ! but with some rojaky stinky combo. for a romatic Malaccan like you we can understand...

cumu ciki
Lumut will be perfect for your Ironlady jog, swim , bike and oh the food is unforgivable we tell you !
...what you see what you get...( like iconic team BSG ) ahem

actually secretly we were imagining those demure kampung ladies ( without the sarungs wow), they mostly dun stay ...sigh...

cumming bruder V R commminn'

we have some projects here ( pubs tourism , etc )

din it occur to you we are trying to reach any devious means possible

yes, accordingly the loving wife rules at home, the dutiful hubby relents ( for now )

yes its super...the meat tastes like meat , next time we remember to bring some for you , dear.
J2Kfm said…
CENDOL! hehe ... Not reli a fan of Malay style fried fish. Not sure why, probably cz tends to be very dry and boney. No tempoyak? LOVE tempoyak. hehe
k.t.x said…
i know it when i see a good malays stall selling good malay dishes. malay food can be really good, much better than nasi lemaks. too bad, cant hv liquer/beer/stout with nasi melayu...juz dont know, it juz does nto go with it. too bad so sad, but a dose of sambal belacan is a simple diarhoe(right spelling?...screw vocabs) lol.
JOjo said…
Aiyo...i've been craving for malay food too~ i need some spices~
tempoyak we din see that time !

bex time we do Tiger in malay stalls and watch the sarong ladies ogle us yes ? screw the vocabs righton man !
its commingningcations and feelingnations we want bruder !

they shud be a welcome change from your usual air-cond fares right !