Old place old taste

Emerging from the deserted backStreet unscathed , we proceeded to the main road.

somebody had a big banner up in between , just before the side lane

Welcome back ! Old memories... yet again ...

5 + 5 balls for starters , meat and fish

enter the superbly fat noisy sprouts , reputedly the best in our GluttonLand

another best of the best flat tenderest noodles , still quite fair & strokingly smooth , in mild soup

the off-coloured ageing Queen

Ipoh chickens , meat/fish balls , bean sprouts and noodles
2 bowls noodles, a right a left drumstick, 10 balls , 2 plastic plates sprouts, 2 drinks RM 21 or so
bridesmaid Restoran Ong Kee ( opposite wong lou da master )
Jln Dato Tahwir Aja
30300 Ipoh , Perak


Wennn said…
Why do U hv to remind me tat my hometown has such nice food???? Alamak.... ngar choi kai!!!
i wan nga choi kaiiiiiiiiiiii....
Anonymous said…
i oso wan nga choi kaiiiiiiiiiiii.... LOL.
ling239 said…
a right a left drumstick....o_O
any difference ah ? :p
Big Boys Oven said…
looks awesome right! wow! do delicious!
J2Kfm said…
hmmm, went Lou Wong few days ago. the quality dropped beyond repair. Sigh ... the chicken was too raw, the tauge getting on a crash diet, and their leung sui (herbal tea) sucked. Onn Kee disappointed me the last time I went, but now may give it another chance
Hazza said…
The first pics looked like a red light district, I am glad you eventually showed the right type of kaiii!
Michelle said…
so nice.. need to go so far to eat..
when only got chance ar? =(
hows the babe , dear ?

we wait 4 u , they r still great

sure onot ? they can be sticky u no

actually both are fat and juicy !

hahaha ! chicks & beans -what a blast

welcome to the rough eaters Den...
We have noted too the quality deterioration probably due to the hoard of non-canto speaking waiters & food preparers and the wealth effect of the already established establishments. In fact some so called chickens in KL
seem to be more Ipohish than Ipoh !!

glad you noticed ! we sometimes pay much more attention and feel to the non food items( which can be more tasty by Golly !)

thats the thing we wanna talk to you...
Anonymous said…
wmw said…
Ah....food tastes better from original source.
tigerfish said…
What a nice meal!
I'm hungry....
yes certainly !

yr taiwanese meals we oso want