old, cheap & good

Its quite a rule of stomach when you are in any small village/town in Malaysia . Time about 12 pm and the Gang is hungry . Kentucky ? No way no kiddie stuff please ! Warungs ? Mamaks ? Dowant . Well...OK then see that old shed just beside the road ? With that red lorry , maybe a merc or 2 ?

Thats it !

Sek fan / fun ? ( rice or noodles ?)

The old Chinese Restaurants in small towns never disappoint . Just make sure got many cars parked outside and got no air cons inside one.

Fresh Chinese tofu with minced meats RM 5 , green veges stir fried with garlic RM 4.50 , steamed bean paste whole "African fish " RM 14 .
Ambience : authentic , Price : cheap , Taste : good
where to find sommore in KL this kind
restoran cheng sun
lot 580 , Bukit Robinson
simpang tiga IJOK
Batang Berjuntai ( on way to K Selangor )
tel 03 - 3279 1230


ling239 said…
hey... i have been to the same restaurant too... the day tat they ran out of crabs !! arghhhh.......
Anonymous said…
Oh dear... I hate when that happens... going all the way to a place only to have them run out of their specialty! :P
Hazza said…
"AFrican Fish"? Is that Fei Chow yue? Tilapia? SO cheap! My only reservation with places like these is that sometimes the heat can dampen your appetite.
k.t.x said…
emmm nice. wanna cek out ijok one day and do the coastal towns while balik kampung.....

for the food, nothing else....ahem.
HairyBerry said…
IJOK sounds like a very exotic place...like some interesting places in sabah/sarawak...authenticity comes with a hefty price tag here in kl (and Sg)...so, this is good news indeed...a day trip to IJOK sounds good to me!
tigerfish said…
More like home style Tze Char! Just the kind of food I like with steamed rice :)
y always go so far..come bak to kl and eat..

for i will starve by the time i drive all the way there..

Ciki said…
damn cheap!
sorry about yr lost crabs !

a bit like when she says she was with him late yesterday and couldn't come now huh

yes tilapia , thats also why Carlsberg sells well in this hot humid place !

glorious food is in front , gorgeous piao meis are at the sides and behind , enjoy !

the UMNO led BN after wasting RM100m(?)in Ijok in a by election , lost it during the 8 3 08 massaccre
so it has become a sort of waterloo, but it was/is famous for beggar ( post 08 03 08 UMNO ? )chickens

its simple and cheap

probably you will put on weight if you are out in the woods here !

cumi ciki
@RM 4.50 a plate the freshly done greeny siew pak choy is a new BSG Malaysian record, as others do it for at least RM6
Unknown said…
that saucer of garlic is calling out to me! yes, i am a bit gila gila, garlic excites me. haha