3 laksa here and there & the Gluttons

...in 3.5 hoursa quickie stopover before the 2 hr ride over , here in Kuala Kedah ( one of 2 ferry jumping points to Langkawi Island from the North South Highway )

laksam , a popular local dish . 1 whole hard ( but soft ) boiled chicken egg in a spicy ( pungent ) fishy gravy paste with flat rice noodles ( like the Chinaman chee cheong fan type ) . RM 3 . Can lah.
Outside the Langkawi Airport perimeter fencing and the main road , just beside the sea with the funny big anti-wave barrier while waiting for some important landings. So full of patrons around this mobile van with 3 t-shirt uniformed power staff.

this is the Island's infamous everybody's ordering it power laksa , consumed over some planky tables and shaky plasticy chairs ( where one of us fell , only pride hurt ) , another fishy gravy dish with a rounder type of rice noodles plus another 1 egg. Under-wet & RM2 something. Din feel no power at all , maybe some airport breeze only. But why so many customers ? ( got at least 5o sitting around )
taking a cue from the Malaysian Chef Xtraordinaire we went for another one , in Pantai Tengah near the ultra famous 5 star Pelangi Resort .

this one all DIY for below RM 2 . OMG think we better only stick to the real Warungs ( stalls ) next time .


Ciki said…
laksam for 3bucks.. i want! but how does the laksam taste compared to the laksa?
ling239 said…
with RM10 i can try all of the above ? u sure ? so so tai ah...
Michelle said…
craving for laksa lately...
but everytime wanna buy.. sure din open la.. or habis stock... so sien..
Unknown said…
you are making me crave for laksa early in the morning! LOL

ey, cintan wrapper looks so nice now? it used to be plain old yellow only right?
Anonymous said…
"hard ( but soft ) boiled chicken egg" --- what a great way of putting it but I know exactly what you mean. Very the yummy one... ;)
cumi ciki
laksam has many things eg prawn paste, raw onions , pineapples,mint leaves missing generally and the noodles different. Tastes a scale lower than Assam Laksa

ya lo here like that one thats why so many masssalehs

nex time try the pasar malam ones sure got , otherwise we bring over from near Goldcourse Hotel ok

cintan one looks pretty good but tastes like cintan

you like them soft too ( and hard ?) ROFL !
tigerfish said…
the kari laksa looks good!...and where is the one that is lemak?
no we din take the lemak one !