nasi melayu

Although not highly ranked by the international gourmet fraternity , Masakan Melayu is to us special. Why ? One of the reasons is the unique looks we get from fellow diners ( especially kids ) / staff when we wipe clean the bowls / plates most of the time in warungs / restorans . And then a black something pointing downwards from our hands with a laser beam do get people a bit excited . The boss always happily recognise us when we return ( remember, we r afterall da Gluttons !) . Some of these that follow are our favourites whenever we are out of town & in the backStreets ( coz they are easy to find , tastes wonderful and they are inexpensive...)

the yellowish rice with the raisins . Top it up with the unbeatable daging ( beef ) rendang and you surely don't need another rice for the next 12 hours.

the brownish 1/2 glutinuous rice aka nasi dagang. Tastes heavy and perfect with the heavier designer fish that comes out in chunky flakes ( tuna )

this East Coast nasi kerabu wonder is immaculately bluish and comes with all those raw beansprouts/ green veges and signature orange/white salted eggs . Uniquely different from other rice offerings, and cannot be missed ( or else)

the 2nd most popular rice dish in Malaysia . Nasi Ayam , so famous that it has spawned My Mum's Chicken Rice , Nasi Ayam Mama and even forced a misguided never say never KFC version .

and reintroducing & us know its no 1

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Hazza said…
I still prefer the chinese Hainan chicken rice to the malay version. Not sure why, but there is something missing in the taste of the latter. Nothing beats a good simple rm1 pack of banana leaf packed nasi lemak though!
Ciki said…
the nasi kerabu luks amazing..
HairyBerry said…
nasi greatest hits!

it's amazing how rice tastes so familiar yet so different. all under the roof of masakan Melayu. and yes, no.1 is nasi lemak!
ling239 said…
nasi kerabu with deep fried ikan kembung is best of the best ~ ^_^
Jason said…
Rejoice! So much different types of rice ^^
tigerfish said…
yellowish rice with the raisins ? that sounds quite indian...
Michelle said…
rice rice riceee...
ehhh i nvr tried the blue rice b4 nehh...

hmmm malay chicken rice is wayy wayy cheaper than chinese.. tastewise?? hmm each got each "uniqueness" LOL.

Anonymous said…
Talk about favourite and No.1 in Malaysia... I was having a nice and simple roti bakar and half-boiled eggs breakfast with kopi this morning when I couldn't tahan and ordered an additional nasi lemak + ayam goreng! And it was soooo good!

Guess I'm a glutton too, eh? ;)
Simon Seow said…
I like ulam and paru lembu.
the chinese are the masters in the white steamed version and in fact the Malays have learnt well, NL only the Malays can do a perfect one !

cimi ciki
it actually tastes bland and takes the essence of the salted , green and hot things from the accessories esp sambal

malay food is colorful and the raw greens do give it a delicious healthy punch

wah you like !

lidat sure got big loose tummy oredi no more so handsome

true, malay cuisine is closer to indian cuisine right ?

coming very fast , we miss the baby shark and the hilton. but the balls chicken rice no more right ?

you are not alone !

tks for coming over , another connoisseur ! hope to see more of you to share your eats
Unknown said…
nasi kerabu! i simply love it.

the ayam goreng looks so tempting too.

yesterday for lunch, we had nasi padang, at a stall that Tun M visits when he is in Singapore. (according to the article on the wall. ) haha..

my favourite dish of all is rendang. air liuh sudah meleleh!!!
wonder how they do the nasi kerabu/ayam in spore. Definitely another class act !